Making A Jump

I don't know if any of you know, but two days after Gina and I got married my mother passed away.

I can't even begin to explain to you the emotions that caused. For months I wasn't able to concentrate and you may have noticed that I didn't have anything to say about our honeymoon either. That trip turned out to be a trip to spread my mother's ashes according to her wishes. After that, as you can imagine things were pretty down, and I struggled to get back to a normal life as much as anyone can after their mother dies. When school started up again for the kids, we wound up involved in a principal protest which involved a few meetings with the school district, and getting involved with the parents and teachers at my children's school. The last thing I wanted to do was get out and about, but then I also got involved with the No on Prop 8 campaign which began to consume a lot of my time. Around the same time, lesbian drama gave birth to a new website, which I decided to endorse alongside Lesbiatopia, and my other blog Lesbian Mommy. I have SEVEN other blogs as well, and as you can imagine my plate was getting pretty full. Them I took on an administrative position with the new site and now my plate is overloaded. This is why I've decided to make a jump from Lesbiatopia completely and focus on my other online projects. Along with my other blogs, I have a new online book to promote along with being the new Executive Editor of LezGetReal.com. You'll still be able to find a few of my classic posts here on Lesbiatopia, and can always follow what I am up to by visiting my page on MySpace.

Thank you for following my posts here on Lesbiatopia if you were a fan of my posts, and I know there is plenty of other great posts here for you to read, just take a look at the categories section. ;0) A BIG "Thank You" goes out to Renee and all of the other Lesbiatopians and I will be seeing you all around online.

Stay well!


~Julie Phineas~


Anonymous said...

I would be a lesbian. I am a bitch and a queer

Anonymous said...

FYI, the person above's name is Gill Vander and his e-mail address is gillvander@yahoo.com. He's been spamming me with that same message.

- Al-Gayda a/k/a/ Grace