Margaret Cho Would Want Al-Gayda on This One!

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“Al Gayda was accidentally activated by Margaret Cho, the best comic of all time, in the last quarter of 2004. After participating in a fundraiser for Presidential candidate John Kerry, Margaret Cho receive thousands of hateful, racist emails from the Republican Reich and the Christian Reich, which may be the same thing. In response to these emails and to show how racist and hateful these so called ‘family values’ people are she posted them to her website complete with their names, email addresses and any other identifying information that they had inadvertently provided. That was the spark that activated one of the most virulent vigilante groups in America history, extremely pissed-off gay people known as Al-Gayda.”


Grace Chu just got the following email in her inbox. We will be posting all hate mail in this post as they arrive! Go, Al-Gayda, go!

--------------------------Contact Us-----------------------

To (choose recipient): Grace Chu
Your Name: sunil mehta
Email: yamaha_r1_888@yahoo.com
Website: http://

you are a fucking freak. gay marriage is a sneaky attack on regular people. Fuck
that shit!!!!!!!!

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