A New TV Crush

- Renee Gannon

I have a new TV crush. I now have not one, but two reasons to watch Law and Order: SVU. The first reason is obviously none other than the beautiful, sexy and feisty Mariska Hargitay. I mean who can resist a woman in uniform? Before you get too excited, though, Mariska is not actually the new crush, she's an oldie (but goodie). Read on to see who the lucky lady is...

My new TV crush and my additional reason for being a total SVU-addict is thanks to the new ADA this season: Michaela McManus (played as Kim Greylek on the show).

Kim Greylek is the spunky (and a little scrappy) new Assistant District Attorney; she's replaced Casey Novak, who was disbarred for violating Brady rules last season. In her prior job, her nickname was "The Crusader". In her brief time with Special Victims, she has already proven herself to be a dogged prosecutor, pushing the detectives to make cases for the sake of politics in favor of pursuing the actual offenders. Makes a girl want to go to law school.

I was not familiar with McManus, as an actress, until seeing her on SVU, although she has appeared in other TV shows and movies. She's appeared in the feature film, "The Beautiful Lie," which won the 2006 MTV Movie Award for 'Best Student Filmmaker.' In television, McManus heavily recurred on the fifth season of the hit show "One Tree Hill" as Chad Michael Murray's love interest and filmed a guest star on "CSI NY." Aside from her work on screen, Michaela has also starred in several stage productions in her young career.

I like watching her get all worked up in the courtroom, and I must say, her eyes could melt me into a pool of liquid mercury. Can somebody get me a thermometer? This girl's got a fever! Two hot women, one great show, what more could a girl want?


thewishfulwriter said...

Whew...I'm really glad we won't have a throw down over Mariska...because now you've got YOUR OWN and can back off my woman!

Jul said...

I'm definitely with you on the crush. Mariska is sexy, but the new chick is hot as hell. Don't you just want to take down her hair, mess it up a little and rip off that suit? She's all uptight,and downright wonderful. Thanks for this...really, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've had a crush on her for a couple years now:D

milindoe said...

If she was an ADA and I was on the witness stand, she could get me to confess to the Lindbergh Kidnapping, even being Osama bin Laden!

imwende said...

what dyou mean..am not the only one?

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