Pin-Up-of-the-Day: Happy Halloweenie!!

This was me on Halloween a few years ago. Definitely the best costume I ever made.

What was your best Halloween costume &
if you're planning on dressing up tonight, what will you go out as?


meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Halloween

Wayne John said...

Wow, very nice! You can see my blog for my past costumes...one includes 'Scattered showers with a chance of rain'.

this year, I'm a doctor (a lab coat with some sexual remark for a name tag) I'll have pix!

I'm going to a drag queen party tonight, should be fun!

Anonymous said...

I used to be on the board of a contemporary art board. Bet they'd consider it! It proves that you have a part of your brain labled 'creative' which I completely lack! :) I feel as if I'm seeing the work of an advanced (female) civilization! ;)

Go Renee!

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHAHA niice one! Lmfao. I love this.

Jul said...

This takes guts.