The VP Debates Just Got Even More Exciting with Palin Bingo

America is suspended in anticipation for the Vice Presidential debates which air tonight at 6pm PST/9pm EST. After all the recent interviews (i.e. Katie Couric) there's something about Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin that has everyone wondering... what will she screw up next? Lesbiatopia's own Ma'amselle Lezident just sent me the hilarious website Play Sarah Palin Bingo with the following note: "The only thing it's missing is a drinking element, so I encourage you to make one up; otherwise, I am sooo playing tonight". And with that, I am printing out several copies of the 4 cards right now (plus the "create your own") for the VP Debate party I'm having at my apartment at 6pm sharp. This is too good to pass up. Oh and if you're wondering, I too will be adding the drinking element as well. Will you be playing Palin Bingo tonight??

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