Gay Wallet - Support LGBT-Friendly Business

Gay Wallet, a new social networking site run by the inestimable Genia Stevens of Sisters Talk, is a community of people who support LGBT and LGBT-friendly businesses, organizations & musicians. Straight supporters are welcomed.

Gay Wallet will be hosting its Site-Warming Party on Twitter Friday night - so join today and participate!

I think I like the thought of spending my dollars in LGBT-friendly businesses. If I knew where they all were, I’d go there and be able to totally miss the big box experience. This is good start!

I know I would prefer sending my money to people who respect me as a human being, unlike companies like A-1 Self Storage. The linked Huffington Post article is a must-read for Californians wondering exactly who and why on the Yes on 8 money crowd.

A-1 Self Storage is owned by Terry Caster, who, with other members of his family, gave almost $700,000 to the Yes on 8 campaign. He has over 30 locations in California. A-1 Self Storage is also the target of Californians Against Hate’s boycott.

If you know of a LGBT or LGBT-friendly business, feel free to let them know about Gay Wallet’s great new site—spin it to the positive and send our money to places that appreciate our business and respect our right to equality.

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Pugs said...

Thanks for the tip. I'm gonna head over to Gay Wallet and register my own business plus see who else is listed. I'm with you, I'd rather spend my money with people who don't hate me or think I'm a freak.