Lesbian Book Review: Haunted Hearts & Sapphic Shades

by Cynthia Rodriguez

This book was published by an amiable, little, publishing company made by, and for our peeps called LETHE PRESS, who contacted me about reviewing this book. I did a little online research on every single author in the book, and found collectively an impressive list of literary accomplishments, from some serious, established blogging, to other books written by certain individuals in the group. Originally, I had planned to put this review out on Halloween weekend, but unfortunetly, that didn't work out. However, for ghost story and world of paranormal fans or anyone who dare wander into "Haunted Hearth" territory, will not be dissapointed (whenever they may choose to read it), and will find themselves enthralled in story after story into the realm of the lesbian phantoms.


Lesbian Ghost Stories


Night after night, while reading this juicy anthology of lesbian ghost stories, I pictured myself at some lesbian retreat in the woods, under a full moon, cuddled around a cozy campfire, following a fellow camper's acoustic guitar and yet another rendition of "Kumbaya", I found myself engaged in some over-the-top, dramatic reading of "Haunted Hearths & Sapphic Shades" to the pleasant but jittery audience. Okay, so maybe that's just me. Filled with a darling variety from the cute and cliche, to the sweet and romantic, to the downright creepy, heebie-jeebies, Catherine Lundoff does an amazing job at editing this marvelous anthology of encounters with the undead kind. There is a little something for every ghost connoisseur, if they'd be open to such a "Sapphic" slant. Although, honestly, I'd give a few of the stories three stars for being a bit too eye-rolling, predictable, corny for me, the overall feeling one is left with, while alone reading "Haunted Hearths..." is that looking around seeing if anyone is watching you, "what was that noise" kind of sentiment. When I shared with certain people what I was reading I'd get an amused response like "lesbian ghost stories"? I'd say to them, "Well, yeah, ghosts can be gay, too".

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Margo Moon said...

Juicy anthology? Say no more!

Thanks for the tip.

Pugs said...

Ditto what Margo said! I love ghost stories and of course I love lesbians so this book is for me. I'm gonna go order it right now from Star Crossed Productions which is a lesbian-owned online bookstore. Hey! I keep my money in the family.



Your welcome! It was a fun read. I read it the week before Halloween. If you read it, let me know what you think.