Shine the Light on Prop 8 Supporters

The limited retraction: According to a posting on Yelp, a guy named Rick Baker is the franchisee for the Hillcrest location of Golden Spoon, reported as being owned by Roger & Heather Clawson. He is reportedly not affiliated with Yes on 8 or the Clawsons and fully supports the gay community of San Diego. Roger Clawson is the Franchising President to of Golden Spoon - his wife Heather gave the $5,000 donation.

The dishonor roll is a listing of major contributors to the Yes on 8 fund. Ironically, both are happy to take gay dollars to increase their personal wealth, but draw the line at believing in true equality by contributing their dollars (and indirectly, ours) to the Yes on 8 cause. I say, if they don't honor our rights entitlement, we shouldn't give them have our money!

If you are coordinating an activity to keep the dollars out of the hands of these businesses, please let me know (lori(at)hahnathome(dot)com) so we can give you some publicity.

The Dishonor Roll

What would make it hurt? Just a little? Hit ‘em in the wallet – bigtime.

Prop 8 Supporter Businesses of the Week:

Their new location in the Hillcrest (heart of Gay San Diego) is at:


The Golden Spoon Yogurt

Roger & Heather Clawson
1254 University Ave
San Diego
, CA 92103

(previously Ben & Jerry's store next to Subway)

Locations all over CA and the West, including Prop 102-loving Arizona. The donation was in Heather’s name. Interestingly, I found this online, making clear a Roger Clawson’s views on gays. I cannot say this is the same Roger Clawson, but the article is worth a read anyway.


El Pollo Loco/Corner Bakery/Denny’s

Roland Spongberg
WKS Restaurant Group, President
2735 Carson St # 200

Lakewood, CA 90712

(562) 425-1402

Spongberg has about 36 El Pollo Loco, 29 Corner Bakery stops, and Denny’s locations throughout So Cal and in neighboring states. The Spongbergs are LDS.

Thanks, Mel, for the list.


Judith HeartSong said...

and the Mormon's spent millions... did you hear the call for a boycott of Utah? I'm all over it.

Jul said...

Thanks for this. I have a "corner bakery" right where I work. Needless to say, not only will I never buy anything there, I will be sure to spread the word (and maybe tack up a few signs with the news).

They suck.

Uncle Doreen said...

The Sacramento Bee has compiled a database of all that contributed to the Prop 8 campaign, both Support and Opposed. I spent a few minutes searching a few names. I think I will consult this when determining which businesses to support.


Diana Hovey said...

In response to your note, we would like to clarify that all 31 of our Corner Bakery Cafe locations in California are company-owned and operated by CBC Restaurant Corp. CBC Restaurant Corp. has not taken a position in the Proposition 8 legislation. To further clarify, WKS is a franchisee of Corner Bakery Cafe and does not have any open cafes to date. Per their development agreement, WKS will not be opening or operating any stores in California. I appreciate your reaching out to us directly and allowing us the opportunity to correct any misinformation about our California locations. Thank you.
Diana Hovey, SVP Marketing
Corner Bakery Cafe

Hahn at Home said...

Nice that Ms. Hovey sought to clarify WKS' franchise position. I have written her to clarify further - for example - do they operate in AZ? We have queers in other states too - and a position against us in CA is also a position against us in other states. We want the record to be crystal clear, however, as to which of the 31 locations belong to this Prop 8 donor. Hopefully, you can answer that, Ms. Hovey.