Thought We Were Done, Did Ya'

After last weekend’s passionate protests throughout our wonderful country, I figured things would die down - but NO! Indeed not - and this weekend promises to be even bigger. Go check out the details at California Outreach.


With the unfortunate outcome of the recent passage of Proposition 8, the GLBT community has united in a presence that we have not seen since the early 1980’s and the onset of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

It is with great respect that California Outreach, in partnership with Equality Action Now, humbly asks you to join GLBT individuals and organizations, PFLAG and our straight brothers and sisters at a peaceful outreach on the steps of the California State Capitol Building at 2:00pm on November 22nd.

Please join us as we reach out to all the citizens of California to demonstrate that we will not tolerate discrimination to be written into our State Constitution.

Who: Anyone and everyone.
Where: California State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA
When: 11/22/08 2:00PM
Why: Equal Rights are inalienable and CANNOT be taken away.

In 1987 the largest rally for gay rights in Sacramento took place, counting 15,000 strong. We need to stand together and make a statement that we will not stand idly by and let the rights of our sons, daughters, parents, and friends be taken away. Twenty one years later — 30,000 strong. Are YOU ready to make history?

The success of this event depends upon getting the word out. Invite your friends!”