Tomorrow We Make History - Join the Protest

Wyatt Buchanan of the San Francisco Chronicle says, “It’s a never-before-seen response, surpassing in size and scope even the 1969 Stonewall riots, which launched the modern gay rights movement after New York City police raided a Greenwich Village gay bar.”


I say HELL to the YEAH!

Tomorrow we make history – we start a movement I hope builds momentum and continues. No more meek assimilation attempts for me.

I hope our straight friends and family can stand with us.

I was talking to my very logical, deep-thinking friend at A World of Progress last night and her progressive straight readers are all rather stunned at her ongoing anger and frustration with the state of gay affairs in our country. She’s usually the calm, cool head of higher living. I get that that ambiguity of emotion. We had an attachment to each of those amendments across the country. We couldn’t believe in this day and age anyone would not see the sense in making things right.

Join us tomorrow – there is a protest in EVERY SINGLE state – and you can be there to be part of the change – part of opening the floodgates to freedom.

Find Your Protest Location

Non Violent – Resolute – Loving – Unyielding - Powerful

Send me your photos too – with a location attached so I know from whence it came! lori(at)hahnathome.com

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I'll be at the "Against Prop H8" rally in Allentown, PA.

I'll be blogging about that, with pics.