What I learned. From a Tree.

-by: The Wishful Writer

Bill called to tell me he fixed my laptop and it was ready for pick up.

I hopped on I-95 and spent the 30-minute road trip in quiet awe of the beauty surrounding me.

I didn't take this photo, but it's pretty close to what unfolded just in front of my car.

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I turned off the radio to better appreciate the shocking burst of colors and smiled as the wind made its way through the trees, nudging them to wave at me as I passed by.

I waved back.

The colors were so achingly beautiful, each hue complimenting the one next to it.

Alone, the sunshine-yellow, fire-orange and almost purpled-red leaves would be beautiful. But it's what you get when you put them all together that makes something so breathtaking you can't stop staring at it.

It's the same thing with people.

We all have our own hues and the ability to compliment each other and ultimately create visual magic.

If we want to.

Trees can do it. Surely the human race can.

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Mary said...

The colors are truly beautiful. I took my mother and grandson to northern Ontario in early October and we had the same experience. It was awesome.

Thanks for visiting my Blog Blast for Peace post.