Gay Hardball Smackdown - Mike Rogers of PageOneQ

Mike Rogers of PageOneQ goes on MSNBC's Hardball and totally brings it as regards Rick Warren. They say this other guy with whom he's arguing is an MSNBC contributor? What does this dude contribute typically? I suspect he doesn't work on Dr. Maddow's show.

Watch the video below and cheer! Giving a high-five to PageOneQ and encouraging LT readers to check out their site. To draw a poor comparison, your Ma'amselle Lez was interviewed for a Canadian magazine called Xtra recently regarding straight allies in marriage equality, but I wasn't as cool under the gun as Rogers is here below. He's really quite remarkable.

(Update since this broadcast: Queerty reports that Saddleback Church isn't taking their anti-gay stuff down after all. So I guess no one's happy . . .)

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