Our Present To You: Christmas Eve Erotica

Today's article comes from guest writer, Megan Rose. Megan Rose lives in the UK and has been writing erotic fiction for two years. She has two F/F stories available in anthologies with Torquere Press, Toy Box :Gags and Toy Box :Leather. Her recent story, Seeing is Believing, won the REC F/F short story of 2008 award. For more information about Megan please visit her website at http://www.freewebs.com/meganrose33/

The Good Neighbors

Roxy knocked at the door of her neighbor’s house, running her fingers through her brunette crop and shuffling her feet nervously in the snow, while she waited for a reply. Last week she had boldly accepted the Christmas dinner invitation from Anna. But now that she was actually here, she sensed her shyness beginning to creep back. She smiled to herself. Anna liked to call her Shy Boi. Roxy liked the name. How could she not? She liked anything that came from Anna; a smile, a nod, a quick conversation. Anna was just about the most perfect neighbor that a girl like Roxy could wish for. Sadly, for her, she felt certain that being a neighbor was all that Anna wanted from her.

The festively decorated door swung open and Anna stood before her; Roxy’s very own holiday angel. Petite and blonde, dressed in a red silk blouse and black skirt, she looked more stunning than usual. “Hey, Shy Boi,” she called, coming down the steps and hugging Roxy tightly, before planting a kiss on each cheek. “I’ve been waiting for you to get here all morning. Come on in.”

The two women walked up the steps and entered the hallway of Anna’s small but beautifully decorated town house. Scents of cinnamon, oranges and roasting turkey, floated though the air, giving Roxy a sense of anticipation for the meal ahead.
“How about a drink, Rox?” asked Anna.

“I’d love one,” she replied.

Roxy followed Anna into the kitchen, passing the brightly lit Christmas tree, crammed full of gold and silver baubles. Anna’s home felt so festive and warm and in so many ways, it was just like the woman herself.

“You’ve got a real flair for dressing the house,” Roxy complimented. Anna smiled, pouring two glasses of white wine for them both. “It must be the window dresser in me. My ideas from the store just keep flowing once I get home.” She paused, holding Roxy’s gaze for much longer than she usually did. “It’s really hard to stop once I start something that I enjoy.”

Roxy watched carefully as Anna moved slowly towards her. The thought of Anna starting something with her immediately came to mind. Yet it made the idea of having to spend the entire afternoon sharing the other woman’s company with her family, suddenly unbearable. She wanted Anna to herself. All to herself.

Roxy nodded. “Don’t you exercise any restraints upon yourself?”

Anna held a glass out to Roxy, their fingertips touching as the glass moved from one woman to the other. “Why should I hold back? When I do something that I enjoy….really enjoy, I want to give it my fullest attention. Nothing distracts me. And you know how the old saying goes. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Cheers.”

Roxy knocked her own glass against Anna’s, glad of the chance to allow the cool liquid to quench her dry throat. How could it be, that Anna had the ability to turn her into a quivering wreck by uttering a few simple words?

“When will your family be arriving?” she asked, hoping that the question didn’t make her seem too distracted.

Anna smiled, placing her glass upon the marble worktop. “Not for a few hours yet,” she admitted. “I have to confess to getting you here early under false pretenses.”
Roxy felt her heart begin to pound deep within her chest. “You have?”

She watched Anna’s blue eyes dance mischievously. “I need some help setting the table.”

Roxy’s heart instantly deflated, but still she saw the spark in her neighbor’s eyes. Anna laughed, the lilting sound echoing around the small kitchen. “Rox, you need to relax. It’s the holidays. I wouldn’t ask a guest round here to do any preparations. I just thought that it would be nice if we spent a little time alone before my family arrived. Apart from talking over the garden fence, we’ve hardly spent much time together. And I’ve always been a firm believer in getting to know my neighbors.” Again, Roxy saw the twinkle, lighting up her eyes and descending to her lips, which twitched in amusement.

Anna walked towards the kitchen sink, Roxy’s eyes falling instantly to her neighbor’s pert ass, fitted so well into a black sheath of a skirt. “You see Roxy; from this spot for instance, I can see right into your house. I know so much about you already and yet we’ve never had the opportunity to really get to know one another.”
Roxy frowned, placing her drink down and following Anna towards the sink. She followed the direction of her neighbor’s gaze and saw that Anna had indeed been right. From this vantage point, Anna had a near perfect view of her lounge room.
“I’ve watched you painting the rooms, furnishing them, living in them. And by the way, you have excellent taste,” Anna told her.

Roxy smiled. Despite the fact that her neighbor had just admitted to spying on her, she found the idea quite exciting.

“And from directly above us, is my bedroom,” Anna continued. “Where I can see straight into yours”

Roxy stilled instantly. She felt Anna cover her hand with her own and had to admit that she enjoyed the contact of skin against skin.

“And what have you learnt from watching me in my bedroom?” she asked.

Anna reached up to Roxy’s face, gently tracing the line of her check bone. “I’ve learnt that I have a very active imagination, Roxy,” she quietly admitted.

Turning, Anna sealed her words with a gentle brush of her lips against Roxy’s mouth, sending her mind into a swirling mist. Anna tasted of the refreshing wine and a hint of mint. Roxy couldn’t help but wonder what the rest of her body would taste like.

That first brush of Anna’s lips against her own left Roxy reeling, both physically and mentally. She felt Anna’s body move closer to her own and she inhaled deeply. Her scent was intoxicating, fresh, yet sensual. Her tiny frame swayed gently against her own, as Anna briefly pressed her body against her. It was a teasingly short contact between them, but it felt sweet enough to excite Roxy. Slowly Anna pulled away, smiling up at her neighbor. “Don’t think too badly of my voyeurism, will you?” she asked.

“How could I?” asked Roxy. “Next time, I’ll remember to put on more of a show.”

Anna laughed. “You don’t need to do that, Rox. Do you know how erotic it can be to just watch you running your fingers through your hair? Or to see you read a newspaper in your lounge? Do you know what it does to me, to see your hair damp from a shower and know that only moments before, you were totally naked? You have the power to mesmerize me, to stop me in my tracks and to drive me to total distraction. Don’t think that I was being kind by inviting you here today. My motives are purely selfish. I invited you here because you’re my holiday fantasy. I’ve waited long enough for you, Shy Boi. Today I want my dreams to come true.”

Roxy smiled; elated at the words she had just heard. She reached out to Anna’s waist and pulled her in closer to her own body once more. “I really hadn’t planned on seducing you this morning, Anna,” she confessed.

“But you wanted to?” Anna questioned.

“More than you’ll ever know.” Roxy replied. “Now let me play Santa for you, baby,” she murmured, softly kissing Anna again.

Running her hand slowly down the front of Anna’s blouse, Roxy felt the hardness of the other woman’s nipples push against the fabric of her bra. It was a sensation that she had been craving, without even realizing it. Roxy had wanted to see Anna naked for as long as she could remember. In clothing, Anna looked perfect and lord knew Roxy had spent enough time watching her over their shared garden fence. But now the reality of their situation was starting to hit home. Anna had been watching her, wanting her for all this time and she in turn had been yearning for Anna. The irony of the situation was that they had already wasted precious months. There were only hours left before Anna’s family would be arriving. Roxy knew that time wasn’t on their side. But neither, she admitted to herself, did she want to wait any longer for her beautiful neighbor.

“How long have you been watching me, Anna?” she asked, tracing the outline of Anna’s breast with her index finger.

“Whenever I can,” the other woman admitted. “And when I can’t see you, I think about you.” Roxy relaxed, letting Anna work on undoing the tie that she had spent half an hour trying to perfect, before she released each of the buttons down the front of her shirt. She eased the material from Roxy’s shoulders, letting it fall carelessly to the floor. “Take off your pants and boots, Rox. I want to see all of you,” Anna instructed.
Without speaking, Roxy unzipped her pants and slipped each boot off, before standing up right before Anna again. It had been too long since she had been naked, in the company of another woman and she felt a slight tremor in her body as she sensed Anna’s eyes take her in. Would she think her too muscular? Too unappealing?

As if in answer to her question, Anna spoke, breaking the silence in the room.
“I’ve seen your body before, remember?”

Roxy felt abashed, but Anna reached out to touch her shoulder. “I thought you were stunning from my bedroom window and now…well, I can see that I wasn’t mistaken.”

Roxy released the breath she had been holding, feeling suddenly empowered by Anna’s compliments.

“When you fantasize about me, Anna, what is it I’m doing?” she questioned, holding the gaze of her neighbor.

Anna smiled, sliding the opened pants down Roxy’s thighs and right to the bottom of her feet. “I think of you, hot and naked. I think of you in my bed, a sheen of sweat on your body. I think of licking you, of sucking you, of pleasing you in every way that I can.”
“My God,” Roxy murmured. “You’re torturing me, baby. I think I’m going to have to ask you to stop soon.”

Anna laughed. The gentle sound broke the tension that Roxy felt flooding her body. “I’ll never want to stop,” she admitted. “Not until we’ve had our fill of each other. And that may take quite some time.”

Anna reached towards Roxy’s plain white vest top. “Lift you arms up, Shy Boi,” she instructed, raising the flimsy material over Roxy’s head and revealing her body. “I want you so much, Rox,” she whispered, drinking in the sight of the woman before her.
Roxy had to remind herself to keep breathing, as she watched Anna look at her body. Had any woman ever viewed her with such awe in her eyes before? Roxy saw the blatant, wanton desire, shining in Anna’s eyes and it left her feeling so empowered. Anna wanted her. The realization felt like a jolt of electricity coursing through her veins. She felt hot. Not just in her body but in her mind. She might be playing Santa right now, but as far as she was concerned, Anna was her own perfect present.

Roxy reached out and curled a lock of Anna’s hair around her finger, bringing her closer. “You know, there appears to be a slight imbalance here, Anna. Here I stand, pretty near naked and you’re still clothed. Now don’t you think that’s a little unfair?”

Anna grinned. “My fantasies were always concentrating on you. Not me. I never gave a thought to what I’d be wearing or doing. I was always thinking of you.”

Roxy smiled, loosening each of the buttons on Anna’s blouse. “It’s a good job that I’m here then,” she told her. “Because I have to confess that you’re not the only one who has fantasies. I’ve given a hell of a lot of thought to what you’d be wearing in my dreams. And I’ve certainly thought about what you’d be doing.”

Roxy cast the blouse aside and let her eyes take it the vision that stood before her. Anna’s puckered nipples thrust against the sheer white lace of her bra, their darkness a pure temptation. Roxy let her tongue glide lingeringly across her lips, aching for the moment when she would place one of those sweet buds into her mouth.

“You’re absolutely beautiful, Anna,” she murmured, circling each covered nipple with her thumbs. “And so very, very responsive too. That’s a girl. That’s just what I like.”

Feeling a confidence that she had never experienced before, Roxy continued to massage Anna’s breasts, aware that the need to feel even more of her body in her hands was becoming a powerful compulsion. She physically ached to stroke her thumb over Anna’s clit, to touch her where she knew she would be most responsive. Breathing slowly, Roxy watched in delight, as Anna let her head fall back in abandon, her pale hair whispering across her sun kissed shoulders, her eyes closed in utter pleasure.

Impatient to view even more of her lover, Roxy released the front clasp of Anna’s bra. As she did so, Anna lifted her head, shrugging the underwear from her body. “You’ve bewitched me, Shy Boi,” she whispered.

Roxy shook her head slowly. “I’m not so shy now, baby. “I know what I want. And I’m here to take it. Is that what happened in your fantasy?”

Anna nodded. “You took everything I could give you. Every drop of me, every kiss from me. Every thing.”

Roxy bent her head, dipping her mouth to take in Anna’s pebbled nipple. She tasted so sweet, so luscious. With each lick and suckle, Roxy felt the distant throb of excitement and anticipation between her thighs. It felt almost as if Anna were bringing to life parts of her body, which she had long thought would only ever be truly responsive to her own touch. No other woman had ever been able to awaken such a response in her before. She wasn’t quite sure how Anna was able to do it, but she certainly felt glad that she could. This moment was giving her a renewed confidence not only in herself, but also in her ability to turn another woman on.

“Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” suggested Anna. “I think we’ll be more comfortable there.”

Roxy lifted her head, a feeling of utter control welling deep within her body. “Were all your fantasies about me in the bedroom?” she asked.

Anna shook her head. “No. Some were here in the kitchen.”

“Tell me about one of them. Tell me about the last hot and sexy dream you had about me.” Roxy instructed.

She watched intently as Anna swallowed deeply. Whatever Anna had fantasized about, she felt determined to make it all come true.

“Tell me, baby and I’ll make it come true for you,” she promised.

“I’d been cooking all evening. A special meal. Just for the two of us,” Anna began.
As she spoke, Roxy lifted Anna’s skirt and moved her panties to one side. A neat bush of hair greeted her fingertips. She felt sublime.

“Keep going. Tell me,” urged Roxy, continuing to rub her palm against Anna’s pussy.

“Well, it had been a hot day and foolishly I’d decided to cook a roast dinner. The oven had been on for hours and the windows were stuck. I couldn’t get any fresh air into the room.”

Anna continued to explain her fantasy, reaching out for the waistband on Roxy’s boxers, but Roxy shook her head in refusal. This was about Anna. Her own release would have to wait. “Not yet, Anna. You talk and enjoy. It’s that simple. I’m playing Santa. Remember? Now carry on. Tell me what you did to cool off before I came home.”

“I took my panties off. It felt so cool, so refreshing, but I needed more.”

Roxy loved the story. The visual that Anna gave her felt almost too much to think about. Suddenly greedy for more, Roxy exchanged her palm for her index finger and swiftly began to swirl her finger against Anna’s clit .She smiled in satisfaction, hearing Anna gasp aloud into the relative stillness of the room.

“Good girl,” Roxy murmured. “Tell me what happened next.”

“I went over to the refrigerator. I knew it would be cool there. I opened the door and let the air blast my face. Then I stood and swished the hem of my skirt in its draft. Before I realized it, I’d lifted up my skirt around my waist. It felt so good, so cool. The chill air, my naked ass, my hot pussy. It felt delicious. That was when I realized that you had come home. You were stood in the doorway watching me.”

“I was so lost in the moment,” Anna continued, “that I didn’t see you. You were watching, smiling. When I turned to look at you, you were rubbing your cunt; touching yourself through your clothes. You couldn’t help yourself. You liked what you saw and we both knew it”

“Then what happened?”

“You crossed the room and came to me. You felt my thighs, then my ass and told me how cool it felt. You slipped your fingers inside me from behind and told me what a …what a hot, tight pussy I had.”

Roxy felt herself becoming wetter by the minute as Anna continued to share her fantasy. Well, if she was playing Santa, she needed to do it well, she told herself. Slowly she slid first one finger then another, inside Anna. “Oh yeah, baby. You are hot all right,” she whispered against Anna’s ear. “Tell me I fucked you hard against this sink, Anna,” Roxy ordered.

“Yes. You did. You fucked me so hard with those fingers of yours, my Shy Boi,” gasped Anna. “You made me come so hard, Rox.”

Roxy felt Anna’s slickness ease the way of her fingers, as she moved them swiftly in and out, grazing her clit as she did so. She felt so ready to come herself, but she knew there would be time later for her own desires to come to fruition. This moment was all about giving Anna the hottest orgasm that she could.

Roxy smiled, watching Anna close her eyes and feeling her hold tightly onto her body.

“That’s it, baby,” Roxy told her. “Come good for me. You’ve wanted this for so long. You’ve wanted my fingers to feel your sweet little clit for so long. Well, it’s happening now. I can feel you swelling, pumping your juices out onto me. Come on, baby. That’s it.”
Roxy felt her teeth bite down on her lip, as Anna’s body clenched around her fingers. It was pure ecstasy. Never had she received such pleasure from giving another woman an orgasm. But then again...never had she been with Anna. Holding Roxy hard against her, Anna sobbed out her release, before kissing her gently on her neck.

“Rox, you’re perfection,” she whispered in awe.

Roxy lifted Anna’s head off her shoulder and smiled. “Only when I’m with you, baby. Besides, what kind of Santa would I be, if I didn’t make all your holiday dreams come true?”

Anna laughed. “Rox, you’ll have to be my year round Santa. I have so many dreams that need to come true.”

“It’ll be my pleasure, Anna. Today, tomorrow and always. I’ll be the best neighbor you ever had.”



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