Fiction vs. Non-Fiction.

by Cynthia Rodriguez

Which do you prefer, fiction or non-fiction? Inquiring minds want to know.

For me, I like to mix it up. For years however, I prefered strictly non-fiction. Biographies/autobiographies, how-to/D.I.Y, self help, art, sex education, women and gay studies, Wiccan books, and once in a while, poetry. Things like that, that I thought would... feed my soul, or whatever. My taste in reading, as with everything else, have always been quite eclectic. (I love that word, eclectic).

It's only been within the past few years or so, I have gotten more into fiction, (the novels). Part of me for a long time always considered novels to be the "junk food" of books. Something you craved, that you desired, that you can get hooked on, but not necessarily needed. Especially those that I call "Fabio" books. All those straight romance novels talking about his "throbbing" this and her "longing" that. Geez, that gets a little old after awhile.

Again, that's another thing that I didn't particularly like about certain book clubs. That fact the some focus entirely on one specific genre. If I had to stick to and read about a certain genre ALL the time, I'd scream and want to pull my hair out.

Since I've begun book reviewing I've noticed an abundance of novel writers out there in book world I've never noticed before. It makes my head spin. Narratives about anything and everything. Mysteries, suspense, horror, romance, comedy, it's never ending. Not that it's not a good thing. I've just noticed that the plethora of books I've had mailed to me so far by multiple authors have all been NOVELS. I wonder if at some point I will recieve a non-fiction. Some "how-to" book, or... I don't know, something not "make-believe", so to speak. You know what I'm sayin'? It'd be refreshing. This is why I have to read something different in between each novel I'm sent. Something of my own choosing.

Not that I'm complaining. Believe you me, it's been a wonderful experience to dive into the world of Lesbian authors, their creations and all the amazing, independent book publishers out there behind them. Frankly, I don't know how people come up with all these characters and stories. I plan on working on a book myself, but knowing me I know it will be a non-fiction book. Perhaps part of me is just jealous, because I know right now I couldn't think of any fairy tales to tell. All I'm capable of right now is so called "reality" writing and...reality bites. So kudos to all of you who help us escape the everyday drab of real-life with the never-ending stories. I am truly more open now, more than ever, to both worlds of the hard non-fiction, to the take me away from it all fiction.


Ma'amselle Lezident said...

Nonfiction only. Too many things to learn; too little time on the planet.

Renee Gannon said...

Well, I do love a good fiction story, but ma'amselle lezident is right... there are too many things to learn and too little time on this planet.

It's a toss-up for me.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad that everyone connected to this entry thus far seems to be totally unaware that good fiction can teach you just as much as "real" books.


I never said you can't learn anything from fiction books or that they are not "real".

Everyone has their own preference. I prefer non-fiction.

No one has to apologize for their tastes in books, be it one or the other.

M said...

I prefer to read a lot of non fiction. Usually encyclopedia type books on films. I also dig Bio's and Auto Bio's. If I read any fiction, it's usually comics/graphic novels. Although some of those fall into non-fiction realms like Fun Home & Maus.

~the Quiet Book Slut