Lesbian TV: What's Hot Right Now

They don't call it "boob tube" for nothing, my friends. If you're like me, you love your TV and need your nightly fix. So, what are the lesbians watching these days? Well, I can't speak for all TV shows, but I can tell you what's on my DVR right now.

Nip/Tuck - This controversial show has been at the top of my list since it started six years ago. Nip/Tuck has not been shy in the lesbian department, with long-running character and Latina anesthesiologist Dr. Liz Cruz (Roma Mafia) as the "tokin' lesbian"... until last season when Portia De Rossi joined the cast as Olivia Lord, the sexy acupuncturist and more importantly, Julia's (Joely Richardson) love interest.

The good news is she's back this season although right now there's no indication of how many episodes Portia will be in for Season 6 (which aired January 6, 2009). I know my eyes will be glued to the tube at 10pm PST Tuesday nights in hopes of some more steamy lesbian sex scenes that Nip/Tuck is known for. Can I get a tissue?

House - Although it's been on hiatus since before the holidays, yet another favorite medical drama is HOUSE and I thank the good lord each episode for the gift that is Olivia Wilde, aka "Thirteen", aka Dr. Remy Hadley. Thirteen plays the smart, sexy and somewhat mysterious bisexual doctor on House's famous team. In a recent episode titled "Lucky 13", Dr. Hadley gets it on with a patient. A female patient. It was hot and awesome and made me want to dance around my living room. They recently foreshadowede that Thirteen may have a fling with Foreman, the African-American male doctor that is also on House's team. All I have to say to FOX's writers is, c'mon!! Does network television make all bisexual female characters go back to men in the end? The verdict's still out on that one, but you know I'll keep watching.

American Idol - You know you watch it, don't deny. It's Season 8 which equates to 8 glorious years of American Idol fanatacism. Who will come out on top this year? It's hard to say. Season 8 premiered last night and continues tonight at 8pm PST. Will the gays come out for auditions loud and proud? Will the lesbians make their fabulous voices heard? Will FOX once again cut away from anyone that seems remotely homosexual and continue to focus on blonde bimbos, rednecks and teen heart throbs? Only time will tell.

Top Chef - Mmmm do I love me some food and a good cooking show. This season, Season 5, there's only one out lesbian but she's pretty kickass and can make a mean soup like no other. Jamie, age 30 all tattooed and pretty, is also pretty rad. She's confident, outgoing, talented and
works as the Executive Chef at Absinthe, one of the busiest restaurants in San Francisco, to boot. You know I'll be rooting for this homegirl every Wednesday night at 10pm PST on BRAVO.

The L Word - This lesbocentric soap is a no brainer. Dykes, dykes and more dykes. So far we've experienced five glorious seasons of hot sex, lesbian drama, hot sex, uhauls galore, hot sex, nudity, hot sex and enough controversy to make George Bush look like a saint. The sad news is that the final season is only 8 episodes long. What gives, Showtime?! The final season (tear) premiers on January 18, 2009. I think there is still one question that remains in all our minds... what will happen to lesbian life after the L Word?

30 Rock - Ok, I know there's no lesbians on this show, but there's Tina Fey and although she's not actually a lesbian, a girl can dream right? The next episode, set to air tomorrow night at 9:30pm PST will be rockin' the sexy latino Salma Hayek as a nurse who soon gets hit on by big CEO man Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin). But we all know the lesbos only watch the show for one reason. Tina Fey. Bow down to the media Goddess!

What's on your weekly TV line-up?


Anonymous said...

* Latina, is the Femm way to say a female of Latin decent. Latino is the male version.

HappyHourSue said...

I heard that Alice is going to have a spinoff show - W00t!!!!

Shane better be on it, y'all.

Ma'amselle Lezident said...


Renee Gannon said...

I felt it was a direct insult to Dr. Maddow's intelligence if I placed in the same group as The L Word and American Idol.

She belongs in her own, special category.

Ma'amselle Lezident said...

LOL you're right as always

Anonymous said...

Thirteen doesn't "go back to men" because she never walked away from them in the first place. Being bisexual doesn't mean we're just indecisive ;-)

Sinnerviewer said...

I took this as a personal challenge to look at my TiVo and report what is currently waiting on me to be viewed. Here are my results:

1.True Life "Im Coming Out"
2.House (I have a few of them)
3.Champions of the Wild (my daughter likes this)
4.Grey's Anatomy
6.True Beauty
7.Desperate Housewives
9.Momma's Boys
10.Dr. Phil (Transgender show)
11.Biggest Loser
12.Scare Tactics (my kids like this)
13.Double Shot at Love
14.Curious George (yeah...)
15.New Adventures of Old Christine (Wanda Sykes)
16.Real World Brooklyn
17. Rock of Love Bus
18.Top Chef
19.Chelsy Lately
20. Twisted (Ashley Judd - nuff said)

I also just added Nip/Tuck as per your recommendation.

Renee Gannon said...

Oh Sinnerviewer, I love you so, but please tell me you don't have "Double Shot of Love" on that list.

Sinnerviewer said...

HOT TWINS, Renee. Of course I have it on my list. And if you don't, I seriously question your commitment to being a lesbian.