Stylish Valentine's Day Gifts for Lesbians

- Style Grrl

It's always a dilemma figuring out what to get your girlfriend for Valentine's Day. My girl and I usually don't exchange gifts because we believe in making every day Valentine's Day. OK, you can say it. PUL-EASE! Yeah that's really cheesy, but that's our motto. We are always doing sweet things for each other like writing notes or cards. Valentine's Day is just one of those commercialized holidays that ends up making those who aren't in relationships feel really bad.

If you are in a relationship and you do the gift thing for V-day or if you just want to get something for someone special, I have some ideas. First I will give you some style items since that's what this posting is supposed to be about. Then I will give you some ideas that won't cost you a dime (probably best in these economic times).

1. Cufflinks. I started getting my partner these as gifts and she loves them. It adds a touch of bling to any outfit. Cufflinks.com has an awesome selection. They even have cufflinks specific to V-day.

2. Ties. I love ties. I think they look hot on women. Skinny ties work best. If your girl is up for tying one on, then check out ties.com. I particularly like their new line from Ed Hardy, tattoo artist. If she has a sense of humor, you might like this one, called "Love Kills Slowly".

3. Jewelry: What woman doesn't like jewelry? Why not get her something really unique like a necklace from Pyrhha? My partner got me one of these necklaces for my 30th birthday and it is one my most favorite things that I own. They are made of wax seals and each seal has it's own symbolic meaning. Check out the love seals for a piece that she'll brag about to her friends.

4. Undies: If you're like me and you hate walking into a Victoria Secret, then check out American Apparel. I love their line of cotton spandex jersey boy briefs. Very sexy. Get your lady friend a pair of these and you'll be sure to enjoy a proper V-day.

Now for the free stuff. OK, it may not be completely free but it will cost you less.

1. Picnic: You're probably thinking, "Are you crazy? It's the middle of winter!" I'm not talking about a picnic outdoors, silly, but one right in your living room. All you need is a blanket, a bottle of wine, cheese, baguette, maybe some olives. Put on some French jazz music and you'll transport your sweetie to a lovely garden in Paris.

2. Scavenger Hunt: No these are not just for kids. It's actually a lot of fun. Write down some clues on small pieces of paper and hide them around your house. Make the clues pertain to her or the two of you, like, "Go to the place where we like to cuddle and watch movies". Have the last clue lead to something special like a card from you or even better, you!

3. Make something: Come on you creative souls out there. I know you have it in you. When you were a kid, didn't you make things at school, bring it home, and give it to your mom? I'm sure she treasured those things much more than when you bought her a gift from a store. Your partner will feel the same way. I love when mine makes me a card. It's from the heart and way better than anything Hallmark could think of.

Those are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning. I'm sure anything you do for that special person in your life will make her happy unless she's a narcissist and nothing makes her happy. Then you should dump her and find someone who appreciates your romantic side. Because, you know you will have found your soul mate when every day does feel like Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

You might want to re-think American Apparel. They're pretty anti-woman (link is to Feministe)

Anonymous said...

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Pugs said...

Or buy something you'll both have fun with. We specialize in sexy gift baskets for lesbians made by lesbians.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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cufflink said...

How about flowers? They are still a pretty good gift on valentines.

grrl said...

Pyrrha (the wax seal jewelry that you wrote about) just opened a store on 3rd in West Hollywood.

Jaqueline said...

Waxing Poetic, another company that makes wax seal jewelry like you mentioned, has their flagship store near Santa Barbara. If you're up for a little drive from LA, they have some great pieces too with a similar style to pyrrha

Anonymous said...

Sadly waxing poetic is trying to capitalize on Pyrrha's brand recognition with fake posts like these. For the real wax seal jewelry that isn't made overseas support Pyrrha. I have carried their line since the beginning and always encourage people to buy locally.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some of those ideas hun :) I surprised my girl with a 'picnic' by our fireplace a little while ago with blankets, heated massage oil, candles everywhere and wine! She loved it! Going to try something different I think. Not a huge fan of flowers but would have sent them to her if she was working but its nice we are both off this year! Thinking of taking her for lunch and a movie date to see The Vow I think. I can't plan much at the house as I can't kick her out for a few hours! Thanks for the ideas, and yes I will be making her a homemade card and a poem as its what I love to do!! www.amandasartistry.webs.com or amanda's artistry on fb. I'd like to paint her a new picture and may have time to sneak it over the weekend I'm hoping!!