Hard Copy Books vs. E-Books.

Hard Copy Books vs. E-books

by Cynthia Rodriguez

Which do you prefer? Hard Copy books or E-books? Then there are also "audio-books".

Personally, I prefer the old school "dead tree" books as some techies like to call them. Yes, the old fashioned paper and glue, bound book. There's nothing like going into an old bookstore and the smell of old books. For those who appreciate it, it's just that distinct scent, depending on how the book was made and the materials used. I'm not talking about a moldy, ill-kept book, I'm talking about that almost woodsy, vanillaish, musky smell.

Okay so apart from my book olfactory fetish, there are other reasons I prefer HARD COPY books. I realize with technology we have come a long way with many things. I must say though, there are certain things I don't really want the techie world to mess with. This is one of them. Sure, e-books and nifty little gadgets such as all those portable electronic devices like Kindle they are pedaling now where you can download books on. Sure, everything has it's good and bad sides. I realize you can probably save some money, and plenty of space downloading books on your computer or handy little book "walk-man". For me, I love shopping for hard copy books, and I don't mind having to get a book shelf or two to accomodate my hobby.

I tried the audio books a few times. That wasn't too bad. You can definitely do some multi-tasking when you do it that way. I remember once in one of my old apartments I listened to a fiction book while I was doing some cleaning. Instead of listening to music, I just listened to a book. I went back to the old fashioned way after a while because I figured any book worth reading deserves my undivided attention.

Among other things, another thing about e-books is I feel like I stare at a computer screen through out the day enough as it is. The last thing I want to do after all the blogging, and e-mailing and what not is read my book on yet another monitor like contraption, especially if I'm in the middle of a really good part and God forbid it "crashes" or some crap like that, I'd be so pissed. I'd probably end up thowing it across the room and smashing it. Then it'd be like, "Oh well, there went about 80 books..."

Another thing no one probably thinks about is the lost art of book marks, making them, collecting them. I've learned it's quite a hobby among some book worms. I think that's really cool, which I realize makes me quite the nerd as well.

I've had a few authors contact me about reviewing their e-books. I'm not quite ready for that yet. I don't read and review e-books. Yes, I am one of those people who don't consider them to be "real" books, to me, they are computer documents. I know in some circles that'll probably make me sound like a real asshole, but that's just where I'm at, and I'm just being honest.

So, to me, there's nothing like being able lug around the book you're reading either to the bathroom (it's amazing how much time you can spend on a toilet with a book and not even realize it), on a camping trip, the coffee shop, or in bed before going to sleep, then chucking it to the floor before passing out, and knowing it's not too delicate for you to do that.


fate2demand said...

I love the paper books before e-books. But I love them both. I've read loads of fanfiction on the internet. With paper books I have this talent of smelling good books. Just a wif tells me if I'll like it. My first love will always paper back books.

Sinnerviewer said...

Love that "dead tree" phraseology. Talk about trying to give paper a negative spin! I love paper and can't see myself curling up with a good computer but I have no doubt the younger generations will embrace it. Good article!


Thanks Sinnerviewer! I thought people would be pouncing on me with negative comments, but hey, I guess I'm not the only one who feels the way I do about it...

Eathan said...

I am loving Ebooks. It's almost as good as a Ipod. And since I'm working on a couple projects..I'm really liking them.

karen said...

E-books will never replace traditional books. Reading is not like listening to music, you can't revolutionize the book market with a hand held device like the iPod did for music. People like to write in books, they like to leaf through the pages, they like to have them on their shelves for years to come. E-books serve a purpose, but they are far from taking over.

Becky C. said...

I have tried out a kindle--and it was good--but I honestly don't think that ebooks will ever replace traditional books.

I once took an online course through the University of Phoenix--and I actually found it quite good--but the part I could not stand were that all the textbooks are online.

When I was practicing law, I used to have to do a lot of research. And I personally found it a lot more productive to open up books, that would refer to another--and have a whole pile sitting there open--it was the serendipity factor--I would stumble upon some gem that would be diffident to find with a targeted online search.