NY Appeals Court Denies Parental Rights to Lesbian

A New York state appeals court has ruled that a lesbian whose partner gave birth to a boy after their Vermont civil union has no parental rights because she never legally adopted the child.

The Appellate Division denied the petition by Debra H. for joint legal and physical custody after she and Janice R. broke up.

The court said Debra H. lacked parental rights although the now-5-year-old boy was born a month after the Vermont civil union and two months after the women registered as domestic partners in New York City.

Debra H.'s lawyer Bonnie Rabin said the child thinks of her client as one of his mothers and seeing her is in his best interest. Rabin said she intends to appeal.

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Becky C. said...

This is not quite on topic, but it is more homophobia, that I am asking your readers to get involved in.

It is being called AmazonFail.

Amazon recently recently implemented a policy (which they are now calling a “glitch”) of removing gay and lesbian themed material from their sales rankings because they are “adult” material.

I have sent them an email (reproduced in the postscript to today's post on my blog) informing them that I will be removing them from my site if the "glitch" is not corrected in a timely manner.

Please contact them (I put contact information.