A Tribute to Redheads Plus Your Favorites

Red heads. They have fiery hair and fiery personalities. What can I say, they make me weak in the knees. Look through all the redheads here and then vote for your favorite at the end! May the hottest redhead win...

Amy Adams

Isla Fisher

Toni Collette

Debra Messing

Julia Roberts

Jillian Anderson

Julianne Moore

Jenna Fisher

Cynthia Nixon

Lindsay Lohan

Emma Stone

Tori Amos

Diane Neal

Tori Amos was added post-poll creation, so if you want to vote for her, leave it as a comment!
Winners will be posted on Friday via Twitter:


liz said...

Agent Scully, I mean, Gillian Anderson, has always been my favourite red head. She's just...yum.


Omg. I totally agree with you Liz. Gillian Anderson OH YEAH. I saw her in person at the X-Files convention in NY back in the day. Yes, I admit, I was a totall X-phile geek.

I think we're missing someone on this list, hello, TORI AMOS!

JoyousOccasion said...

Julianne Moore has always been my quintessential redhead!

And Tori Amos definitely needs to be on this list

greg said...

Gillian Anderson is gorgeous.

Thanks for bringing attention to the beauty of the redhead!

Renee Gannon said...

Alright ladies, Tori Amos has been added!

pink_talon said...

I certainly have had a past life. Redheads have always made me catch my breath! I chose Lindsay Lohan, but Amy Adams' photo is exactly what appeals to me!

garage said...

Shirley Manson#1!

Anonymous said...

Someone is collor blind over here? there are only 2 or 3 red heads in the list

Lonewolf said...

This is bringing up an old thread... but I'm hoping someone reading this can help. I'm trying to figure out who the redhead is in the first "hot redheads" picture. I'm not having much luck just searching the net...