Adam Lambert on the Road to Stardom

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The first time I met Adam Lambert, I knew he was destined for stardom. I had the pleasure of watching Adam perform months before thoughts of American Idol were floating through everyone’s head. Adam was part of an amazing LA-based cabaret group produced and hosted by Chris Isaacson and Shane Scheel called Upright Cabaret. Upright Cabaret has featured cast members from over 75 Broadway shows as well as stars from Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Cold Case, How I Met Your Mother, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, House, Nip/Tuck and countless other film and television productions.

Back in December ’08, I attended Upright’s Holiday Blowout and one of the performers was a handsomely tall boy wearing tight jeans with soft, emo eyes. He seemed quiet and soft spoken as he took the stage, yet when the music started playing, a completely different person emerged; this kid had superstar written all over him. He performed two songs that night, was vocally daring and kept the entire audience mesmerized. One of his performances included a Prince song that totally rocked my (and everyone else in the audiences) socks off.

It was only a few months later, as I was sitting down to watch the opening episodes of American Idol, there Adam Lambert was, auditioning on one of the most life-changing shows on TV. Fast forward 4.5 months later, and it’s down to the final two performers, Adam being one of them. I never once doubted for a second that Adam wouldn’t be there, especially after his version of Tears for Fears - Mad, Mad World. To me, that song, the arrangement and the performance itself was complete and utter brilliance. No matter what the outcome of the American Idol finale is, I know Adam is going to be hugely successful in his career and I look forward to following him every step of the way.


Good luck Adam!

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