Lesbian Hairstyles Around the World: Montreal

At Lesbiatopia, we love to talk about sexy lesbian hairstyles. Lesbians are known for wearing their hair in all sorts of fun, funky and trendy hairstyles. This week, a guest has written and vlogged a fabulous video about the lesbian hair scene in Montreal, Canada. Lesbiatopia would like to welcome the very lesbian-friendly and fabulous Daniel Baylis. Daniel writes a gay-themed blog for the Montreal tourism board.

In Montréal you can get a "Lesbian Haircut" for $15. The brains (and clippers) behind the “lesbian haircut” is JJ Levine. Back in 2006, JJ was simply doing what she enjoyed - cutting hair for friends at a bike-repair shop (that her then girlfriend owned). She began to be approached by strangers looking for a trim, so she grabbed a piece of plywood and a sharpie, and she wrote these words:


Little did she know that 3 years later, her little lesbian haircutting gig would be infamous among all the cool queers in Montréal; attracting gay and hetero, young and old, Montréalers and visitors.


Anonymous said...

would have been much more pertinent, relevant, funny and smart, had the dude in the video been an actual hot lesbian, and not the douchy dude pretending to be one.

Daniel Baylis said...


I just happen to be that douchy dude who did the video!

The intent was not to offend, but to incorporate some humor into the video.

Next time I promise to feature some smoldering lezzies.

Renee Gannon said...

I don't think you are a douchy dude at all! I like to broaden the horizon and feature all types of people and not just "hot lesbians" - because let's be frank here - there is more to life than just really, really, incredibly good looking women. I promise.

dariadiva said...

Daniel, you are such a fabulously hot lesbian (especially with that tres chic new haircut!) I would totally do you in a Montreal minute!

ciao, ciao!

Mandy said...

To the coward who called the hot, funny and sassy Daniel Baylis a "douchy dude:"

He works for the Montreal tourism board and was just trying to give a shout out and some much deserve credit to JJ. And it's "haircuts for anyone," not just disgruntled lesbians like you.

Grow up.

Jonny said...

@ anonymous.

- Such 'relevant' comments should be left with a bit more than an anonymous tag.

- Indeed, Daniel is not a lesbian (thank you for pointing that out) however had he not gotten this video together you would not be watching it here today.

- The salon set up is in a queer powered neighbourhood bike shop called Bikurious and is itself called 'Lesbian haircuts for Anyone.'

-You should maybe get your head out of your ass, have a little fun and/or let others have some too.

Just sayin'.

hair cutting classes said...

I don't like generalizing but for the sake of analysis, these hairstyles usually speak power and boldness. It could vary from a few notches to entire leaps above the typical woman's.