Lesbian Book Review: "Made For You" by Geneva St. James


by Cynthia Rodriguez


by Geneva St. James

Wow. This lady knows her lezzies. More specifically, lesbian relationships. Another gem from ALPHA WORLD PRESS brings to you, "MADE FOR YOU". It may be one woman's roller coaster ride of a journey after being dumped by her girlfriend, but I think it represents alot of the borderline psycho shit that women tend to do in that situation.

This light, comical, and fun read could have been sad and depressing. St. James managed to turn that around and transforms our sometimes abnormally too emotional, romantic faux pas into one hilarious expose on the lesbian scene, and the way we relate to each other. I feel sometimes our community gets a little too smug and think we are so much more "advanced" in some areas, more so than the straight world. This book blows up that theory. You walk away from it thinking, "Damn, that's so true, and a little embarrassing."

Our main character, Julie Bell, the dumpee, you can't help but go through a variety of emotions with her, and AT her. At some parts you think, "What a bitch", or "She's crazy", "She's really funny", "She's so right/wrong" and other times it's, "Awww, I feel bad for her", or "How pathetic", "Damn, she reminds me of so and so", or "Damn, she reminds me of ME". I never had such up and down emotions for the main character in a book before.

The rest of the colorful cast of characters will inevitably remind you of at least ONE lesbian in your life. For me, I found the most likeable character was Julie's best friend, Sarah, always attempting (not successfully), to talk Julie into her senses. A bit gullible and a pushover, but such a sweetheart.

I found myself laughing out loud plenty throughout the book. Mainly because Geneva has an uncanny knack for nailing our own stereotypes. Very educational in it's own way, if anything, you can learn certain things NEVER to do in a lesbian relationship.

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Margo Moon said...

Cracking up at your "dumpee."

Poor stereotypical us! Gonna check this out.