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Annie Parkhurst's Cut&Paste Rock&Roll

Cut&Paste Rock&Roll is a celebration of music and art supporting queer culture and creativity within LGBTQIA community within Southern California. Currently this is a grassroots DIY organization however we are working on obtaining an official 501(c)(3) status for The AMP Organization which eventually will be responsible for CPRR and other queer events. The AMP Organization: Art, Music and Philanthropy, was formed in 2010 and will focus on supporting, promoting and empowering the talented people within the LGBTQQIA community. www.amporg.org

The 2nd annual Cut&Paste Rock&Roll was a huge success. We met our fundraising goals for the CPRR Queer Youth Scholarship and we had our biggest turn out yet. Thanks to everyone who donated their talents, time and dedication to making this event and idea come to life. Check out the Flikr stream on the Feb 5th show, hilarious stuff!

I have some exciting news to share with you all!

First, I would like to proudly announce that Sylvia and I are moving forward with the nonprofit 501(c)(3) status for The AMP Organization that will be responsible for Cut&Paste Rock&Roll and other events like it. We will be putting together a board of directors soon and applying for a few grants to help us get on the ground running. I welcome your ideas, suggestion and interest if you'd like to somehow get involved. The AMP will continue the quest of CPRR; Promoting LGBTQQIA creativity, culture & community. We plan on hosting more events in different areas of interest like film and dance, along with workshops, meetups and volunteering opportunities.

Secondly, I have received a great deal of feedback suggesting that CPRR be a more frequent event and not just an annual thing. In hopes of raising money for the startup costs/legal fees for The AMP Organization, CPRR #3 will go down on August 20th 2010. We'll be doing the show from the same venue however I've worked out a plan to host the vendors/artists out in front of the club and clearing out the tables inside giving everyone more room inside along with giving the vendor tables the elbow room they deserve. Below are a couple of items that I could really use your help and input on regarding the upcoming CPRR #3. Let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to share.

#1) Booking bands and artists. Particularly queer ones, however allies are a big focus of mine so I'm open. I want to keep it fresh each year and no re-book people/performers that have played before. If you have any ideas on local artists, bands, performers that you think would want to play, send me their info. See the performer tab on the site for details: http://www.cutandpasterockandroll.com/PERFORMERS.html

#2) Sponsors. If you know of any business/organizations that you think would want to sponsor this event send me contact/links if you have them. There are several levels of sponsorship, and discounts for non-profit like minded organizations. At the bottom of the page here there are more details on what sponsors might be looking for: http://www.cutandpasterockandroll.com/CONTACT.html

#3) Queer Survival Kit goodies. Last year Condom Revolution, Blackheart Records, Queer Control Records, Daisy Rock Guitars, Teen Line, The Trevor Project and several local bands donated goodies to the gift bags. If you know of any businesses, organizations or nonprofits that fall in line with our rockNroll theme and want to support this queer event, send me your suggestions and contacts!

Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas in general, send them over, I'm all ears.
Lets make magic!

High five,

Annie Parkhurst
Cut&Paste Rock&Roll
5318 E 2nd Street #186
Long Beach, CA 90803

A Celebration of Queer Music, Art and Community since 2008

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