Music Spotlight: Creamy GOODness, Lesbian Rapper

Creamy GOODness is a white lesbian rapper hailing from the mean streets of New Hampshire - it don't get much realer than that bitch! Born in the wealthy seaside village of Rye, NH (Live Free or Die Mother F*ckers!) CG's preference for all things Money Green and Gold began at an early age. With her 14 karat gold-plated rattle, she began whipping up beats at the freakishly young age of 6 months. Her first word was 'cash-money.'

In an effort to clean up their daughter's early vocabulary, Creamy was subjected to watching hours upon hours of PBS and classic movies. While she became extremely intelligent during this period, a different obsession grew like the seed of a sapling deep in her belly. Inspired by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and Julie Andrews to name just a few, CG's fondness for the fairer sex invaded her mind and her rhymes. Parents: zero; lesbians: one!

While years of a New England private school education heightened Creamy's ability to master rhymes, mix beats and arrange a bomb-ass score, it did nothing to quell her desire to pimp a classic Caddy trimmed in Gold (obviously) and Gucci monograms.

For the past 5 years, the rapper has called Los Angeles home. Some of her most recent credits include producing/engineering soulful singer Briana Nadeau’s sophomore album, ARMOR, working with NYC rapper Mr. Complex on his soon to be released single ‘King Kong Love,’ engineering FANTA’s ‘Vision’ commercial for their latest national ad campaign along with a host of film work including sound design for the upcoming gay themed musical, ‘I Was A Teenage Werebear,’ directed by Tim Sullivan (Detroit Rock City, VH1’s Scream Queen’s)

Creamy GOODness is the latest, greatest addition to the Lesbiatopia team. She will be bringing you all the hottest music and film news and anything good in the LA scene. 

When she is not jetting to Tortola, Europe or the East Coast, you can find Creamy GOODness hoeing it up in her apartment in LA or mixin it up in the clubs with only the finest dykes. After all, yellow's just a color, gold is a lifestyle.

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