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As most of you know, I am an avid surfer and lover of all things oceanic.  Waves, surf, sun, sand and fresh ocean air are definitely at the top of the list of things that make me happy.  You can imagine my excitement to learn of the launch of my lesbian friend Christine's new site, CetoSurf.com.

CetoSurf.com welcomes women of all ages, abilities and surfing styles who share a passion for the ocean, fun and friendship. By connecting and informing women surfers, Ceto seeks to foster greater access to the joy of waves, promote a healthy ocean environment and a more sustainable surf industry. It was founded by longtime surf enthusiast, Courtney Hayes.

How awesome is that?

CetoSurf.com offers:
• a home page for all ocean lovers: featuring great interviews with the world’s top women surfers, ocean activists, surf industry innovators and artists.
• a women-only social networking community:
the home page also serves as a portal to our private, women-only community featuring member profiles, regional subgroups, ocean news and forums, meet-up events, used equipment classifieds and surf product reviews.
Recent events include a women's shopping night at Cinnamon Rainbows surf shop in North Hampton, NH with special discounts and deals, volunteering to teach children who have Autism how to surf at Special Surfers Night with Aquaholics Surf Shop in Kennebunk, ME, and women's only surf and stand up paddleboard lessons in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Future events will include an event for the first ever International Gay Surfers Day, weekly women's lesson groups, and monthly post-work cocktail nights at various participating bars and restaurants around in the area.

While most events are located in the New England area, Ceto Surf hopes to expand and reach out to women who love waves all over the world. Check out the site and come surf with us!

Below is a photo gallery of Christine and the founder of CetoSurf.com, Courtney Hayes.  Some of the photos include a recent volunteering event in Maine, teaching Autistic kids how to surf.  It's a great community and we hope you will help these ladies spread the word!

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