The Straight Man Who Claimed to be Lesbian Paula Brooks

Before reading this article, please read this recent article posted in the Washington Post, titled "Paula Brooks, editor of 'Lez Get Real', also a man".  Paula Brooks is actually a 58 year-old retired military man named Bill Graber who had assumed his wife's identity, online, without her knowledge for many years.  I got involved with "Paula Brooks" four years ago, in 2007.  This is my story of how we got involved. 

In 2007, I started this blog as a voice for myself as a gay woman.  I was, and still am, a gay woman who is smart, funny, creative and fell in love with a blogging platform that allowed me to share all aspects of myself and my interests, living in a world as an out-and-proud lesbian.

After starting the blog, I began to consider bringing in a community of writers that could also share their voice and opinions on their own gay world.  The idea was to invite writers from all over the country to give their unique perspective on lesbian life, culture, entertainment, politics, music and anything else they felt was appropriate (or not so appropriate).

About 4 years ago from this date (6/17/07) I received an email from "Paula Brooks", a fan of Lesbiatopia:

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you I really like your blog; its honest and I love your opinions and views on Lesbian issues.

I live in an Open relationship in real life with a long time partner and I don't make that fact a secret and it has caused me some grief. So on my blog I am somewhat reluctant to address lesbian issues much because many of my reader are local Outer Bankers and know who I really am outside of the blogesphere.

 You see the entire The Outer Banks is essentially a small town in North Carolina, a small town where I am a 3rd grade teacher, so while my readers know of my sexual orientation, I stay away from the subject of lesbian rights on my blog and stay with my surf mom theme and there are days after I read one of your articles I feel like something of a sell out.

I had a friend who I got to start a blog. She is a very good writer and I used to love to read her stuff. In real life she lives in a hetro relationship and teaches in a catholic grade school. She discovered lesbians sell and started becoming a lesbian right activist on her blog, which annoyed me because while she got the readers, I just could not read about lesbian rights and issues coming from someone I know was in the closet about her own sexuality. We had a big falling out over all of this and don't communicate any more.

I can tell by reading your stuff you have paid your dues sister and you know.  I would like to say keep up the good work, you have  loyal reader.


At the time, I was also contributing to AOL's now debunked queer blog, QueerSighted.com.  She asked me to help her out by writing an article spot-lighting the fact that she wanted to come out to her readers on her OBX surf blog.  Her story was touching.  She was a deaf 3rd grade teacher with a loving partner named Debbie and adorable twin daughters.   I decided to write an article for QueerSighted titled "When Lesbian Surf Blogger Comes Out To Readers, Some Rain On Her (Pride) Parade"  which received a great response from the QueerSighted readers, They posted comments on the article with an out-pouring of love and support.  I felt by using the power of my words on such a high-traffic site like QueerSighted, I was doing something good for someone who was having a tough time coming out in a small town. 

I decided, at that point, to invite "Paula" to write for Lesbiatopia.  Never once did I question her gender or her identity as a gay woman. She was a deaf woman but despite her struggle she seemed strong, confident, smart and encouraging. Her story seemed interesting to me and I felt like Lesbiatopia would be the perfect place for her to share it.  She certainly had everyone fooled as to her identity.  I remember exactly how she introduced herself in her very first blog article: "Hi, I’m Paula the Surf Mom; The Queen of the Outer Banks Surf Pirates, sovereign of all that is Surfing, supreme protector and defender of all that is lesbian in the land that is called the Outer Banks of North Carolina and today your dreams of finally getting the opportunity to rub elbows with royalty are going to come true."

When "Paula" signed on, she definitely went above and beyond the call of duty for Lesbiatopia.  She brought in new contributors, reached out to media outlets, shared articles on all marketing channels  and even helped with site maintenance and design.  "Paula" knew a fair amount about web development, from what I could see, and I was certainly learning a lot from her.  Our relationship grew into more of a partnership with the site, she was very pro-active and I was receptive to someone who was very focused on making the site into something as wonderful as I had envisioned. I never questioned the motives behind her work on the site.  I remained open to this potential new partnership because there seemed to be a fair balance... then things began to change.

I can't really put a finger on when things with "Paula" began to take a turn for the worse.  Her articles, emails and comments were turning militant and angry.  She was getting upset over little things that were, in reality, not important. It started to feel like a hopeful relationship that was quickly going sour.  I remember one weekend in particular where I went away to Palm Springs for a weekend with my girlfriend (at the time), while people were in LA picketing Proposition 8.  "Paula" began sending angry emails to the other Lesbiatopia writers about my actions:

Yes Heather, Renee wrote some articles that helped raise some money and a thousand dollars of that money was from a check I wrote… Then she took her own money and went to have a good time in Palm Springs while Julie and others were fighting for her rights in a street not two miles from Renee's home…It is not just Renee, this seems to be a real big problem in our community.

Now you can write articles or you can write checks…

You can pretend everything is going to be ok and go on vacation or you can see it is not and get into the street to raise your voice…

You can get mad at me for getting on your asses to get you out to tell the haters no more or you can get out and get mad at the haters for making you a second class citizen…
This was causing quite a stir with the Lesbiatopia writers.  They were coming to me, upset and confused as to why this person was becoming so difficult and angry. It was especially alarming to me because I felt like I hadn't done anything wrong.  I began to have a very unsettling feeling about everything. I became conflicted over the situation. Here I was, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of a site that I had poured so much energy into, and the second biggest influencer of this site was turning from Mr. Hyde into Dr. Jekyll.  No pun intended.

I decided it was time to have a conversation with "Paula".  Keep in mind, at this point there was little to no money being made on this blog.  I never started it with the intention of raking in large amounts of cash, for me it was never about the money.  I tried to have a conversation with "Paula" about her tone on the blog.  She had become angry and negative, and to be quite frank, it was off-putting to the other writers and the readers.  I explained that I wanted the blog to be a fun, light-hearted, entertaining platform, not an angry, militant one.   Also, I had never asked "Paula" to do all the work she had done on the blog.  All the hours she contributed were completely voluntary and done on her own volition. Please don't get me wrong, I always so thankful to anyone and everyone who contributed to Lesbiatopia. Without them, the site would not be what it is today.  There were so many great accomplishments, like the 8against8 campaign, that raised over $13,000 for the Equality California No on Prop 8 campaign. I am forever grateful to all of you.  As you can imagine,  I was pretty upset when I received an email that simply said, "When you start sending me a paycheck for the work I've done on this blog, then you can tell me what to write and how I say what I say...Till then... I am your partner and not an employee on this thing and as such have as much say how things go as you do."

At that point, I realized that it would be a good idea to sever ties with this person.  The tone and the way that they spoke to me was alarming and I was not feeling good about it. Then, I was completely blind-sided when "Paula" locked me out of the backend of the site and made herself the only one to have access to it.  She sent me an email stating, "I have the feeds and if you dont want to be put off the air give me my template and my articles... you have 10 minutes."  I was now being threatened.  I didn't know what to do or who to turn to.  I felt as though there was no reasoning with "Paula" at this point, she was completely out of control and I feared the loss of my site forever. The threats didn't stop there.  "Renee, I want my articles off your site today… I went to my attorney office this morning and had her draft a cease and desist. I am not f*cking around here… I want those articles off your site. TODAY"

It was the belittling that really drew the line for me.  Who did this person think they were?

I don’t have any idea what you thought getting into this pissing match me would accomplish, but I told you when it started that if it did not end, this would be the conclusion.

Now I have long thought you are a bit of a party girl… not very focused on much other then having fun… and that you do just enough to get by…

But I never shared that with you, because I knew I had to work with you and I knew sharing that would do nothing but cause problems between us…

Now since we started this project I have had to make up for you blowing stuff off on many occasions… I did it and when on without saying much to you.

Now just what the f*ck did you think you were doing publicly taking Shannon side over me? I expect my partner to back me up, just like I have backed up my partner.

For Christ sake I am 34 year old… my way of doing things, while they do from time to time upsets people, has been very effective for me and really were good for the blog… and I really don’t give two shits if you don’t like it… just like you really don’t seem to care two shits that working with you can be a real challenge for someone like me.

This is called doing business… I rent to people all the time I don’t like and I do business with people personally find hard to work with.

Now all of this only served to kill something that we both really loved…

good job Gannon."
 I was finally, after much deliberating with "Paula", able to regain access to Lesbiatopia and lock "Paula" out.  She had to step down at this point so she decided to move on and start her own blog, Lez Get Real.  Through this process though, she had a hard time letting go, as she continued to email, text, IM and even call me and the other writers repeatedly, possibly searching for closure or something more, but it was bordering on stalker behavior.   "Paula" did see something in me but whatever it was, it became scary and unhealthy and was not like any business partnership that I ever care to partake in ever again.  Unfortunately, through the process, she also scared a lot of my writers away and the site ultimately suffered from the bad publicity. 

"Paula" started the new site, Lez Get Real, and continued under the guise of a deaf lesbian activist for another three years.  I only ever spoke to "Paula" on the phone once, and it was through her "father" who acted as an interpreter because of her deafness.  Thinking back now, I realize that her "father" was actually the imposter himself, Bill Graber.

I'm sure you're wondering what triggered the exposure of "Paula Brooks" true identity. It was actually triggered when a popular Syrian lesbian blog admitted to being a married, American man named Tom MacMaster. According to the Washington Post,  journalists, bloggers and fans of this "lesbian blogger" Amina, hunted for clues as to the identity behind the blog.  "Paula Brooks" came under review as a possible suspect. Liz Henry, a Web producer at BlogHer.com, questioned Brooks’s involvement with Amina, as Amina had started to write about the Syrian uprising on Lez Get Real before starting her own blog. 

Many lesbian bloggers have had interactions with "Paula Brooks" over the last four years and every single one of them was fooled.  "Paula" lead people to believe that her partner Debbie died of breast cancer.  As for her twins, her surfing girl lifestyle and all the other lies, well, it's all a bit overwhelming to process.  I shared countless email exchanges with this person and never once did I question the fact that they might not be who they say they are.  After "Paula" and I parted ways and she started Lez Get Real, we never spoke again.  I felt it was in my best interest to continue on my own path and didn't feel the need to reconnect with someone who was clearly a loose cannon.  Unfortunately, there are many other online writers that have worked with "Paula" closely on her site, Lez Get Real.

The news that "Paula Brooks" is a man has caused quite an uprising in the online lesbian blogging community.  As I mentioned before, "Paula" had many interactions with many people in the online community.  Another writer, and co-owner for Lez Get Real, Melanie Nathan, wrote about a similar experience she had with "Paula Brooks".  According to the recently article she published called Paula Brooks from LezGetReal is a Man – Straight Man Fraud in the Lesbian World, she reiterates a similar experience she had with "Paula".  Melanie writes,

"I have been a co-owner on LezGetReal and paid for the site LGR for two years. I left the site because I believed that Amina “the Gay Gal from Damascus” was not authentic.  When I informed Paula Brooks,  that I could not continue with LGR in good faith because of the blatant antisemitism, she set up a complex plot to assassinate my character and get me off the site.  She was abusive and threatening and I resigned just in time before the Amina hoax exploded."
 I am glad that "Paula Brooks" true identity has been revealed.  I am feel incredibly saddened and confused as to why straight men would spend years pretending to be  militant, lesbian activists.   I have to ask you, Bill Graber, what were you trying to prove?  And why did you torment, abuse, threaten and badger these women (including myself) who you claimed to care so much about.  I am struggling to understand why these things have happened.  It makes me question the validity of online personalities and how incredibly easy it is to be someone or something completely different then who you really are.  It seems very cowardly if you ask me, to hide behind a computer and bully gay women. I guess there are some things I will never understand.  Is the message here, trust no one? That, in itself, is disheartening, but it certainly makes me question my own naivety   I am glad the truth is finally out there, though. They are right when they say that the truth will set you free. I hope that Bill Graber can finally get the help that he needs.

Interested in reading more about this?  Geek Porn Girl has also written an article titled The Internet Brings Men Together, As Lesbians.

If you've written an article or had an experience with "Paula Brooks" or someone who faked an online identity, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

- Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Renee Gannon


thewishfulwriter said...

So well written, my friend. and I KNOW how much information you had to cull through! My post is up about my experience with Paula as well.


Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

Anita Kunnen said...

well written... this is all so sick .... but i will stay on the internet I'm Didge45 (on twitter) Anita Kunnen (FB)
Thank you for sharing !

Rosa said...

Seems like a classic case of Histrionic Personality Disorder...


CFHS Fifties said...
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Kal Gill said...

Great work girlie.

LHahn said...

Just glad you got out Renee - and I love the new look!

Jul said...

Of course he would make himself a "deaf" lesbian, so you'd never have to hear his voice. This is so pathological - I mean, I know being a lesbian is fantastic, but to do this to other people is just plain wrong - way to showcase just how crazy he is.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry, Renee. I've met too many people in this community of lesbian bloggers to think this guy is the norm - he's just a loser who, in the end, self-sabotaged. Losers tend to do that. xoxo

Jonquil said...

This is absolutely horrible. I'm so sorry.

By the way, the person in your artfully blurry snapshot matches very closely the bone structure of the outed Bill Graber. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I used to manage a community for lesbians, bi women, and straight women who are allies. We had men who attempted to sneak onto the list. Sometimes we caught them. U am under no illusions we got them all. We also had some women creating their own sock-puppets, often to act as their supporters.

Sinnerviewer said...

Great job, Renee. That was such a terrible time for all of us - this just pisses me off! "Paula Brooks" also listed herself as a curator at the Smithsonian on her LinkedIn page - what a pathological liar!

Nulaanne said...

I quit reading Lez get real months ago something did not just seem right. I do write under a false name but that is for my protection. I work with the public, and some of them are crazy. So to keep myself safe I am Nulaanne, the name is even spelled wrong.

I would never pretned to be who I am not, just to get whatever this man got out of fooling people.

Renee, keep up the good work.

bdrasin said...

Wow, so it turns out its easy to get a girlfriend - just start a blog and pretend to be a lesbian! If only I'd known this all those years when I was single...

Ma'amselle Lezident said...

Wow, I went back and started looking at old emails between me and Paula from back in the day. I don't remember this exchange, but it all makes sense now:

Me on 10/17/08, after "Paula" announced she was out to get Renee:
"One last thing while I'm thinking about it--take a second to realize that you are expending massive amounts of energy to hurt other lesbians on purpose. Hello??? I am singlemindedly focused on the election, so I spend my energy there. It was really fun when you and I were spending energy on that together. Now you're taking that awesome energy and instead using it to assure the demise of a lesbian blog, and why would you want to, even if the blog belonged to someone you didn't like? I promote lesbians; I promote LezGetReal because it promotes lesbians. I reserve hatred for people like Dick Cheney. If you and I were to feel the same about that, things could be different.

"Paula"'s response to me:
"Here is my last thought on this... [Ma'amselle Lezident] you were offered to write for Lez Get Real... I have sent you several invitations myself... several writers from Lesbiatopia have come over to the new site, a few are writing for both sites... but what I got from you was a no way Paula, I am going to stay with Renee, because I don't trust you... It has appeared to me that you took sides in this...

"[Ma'amselle Lezident] I never did anything that was aimed directly at you... all I wanted was that when I saw Renee and I were going to break, was my articles... so I could do as Renee suggested and go start my own lesbian blog.

"This is why I locked her out that afternoon, so i could get my articles and go. When I thought her and I had an agreement to this effect I let her back on the blog.

"Renee chose instead to kick my butt off the blog and try to keep those articles... everything escalated from there."

Anonymous said...

I also commented on the wishfulwriter. I am p.Johanna, I went through an "internet" fight with Bill too. I always had a strange vibe from him and Bridgette. I remember how he would encourage me to "cover the protests" in L.A. (I did it on my own, he turned it into representing LGR) and wondering why he didn't do the same. When he submitted pictures of the one he said he attended, I immediately felt it was a lie.

On a side note, if he wanted to represent us he should have whitened his teeth; it is like he chose the worst picutre of himself.

Fiesty Charlie said...


Just WOW!

I deleted all the stuff from "Paula" it seems. Still looking on a couple of backup drives. If I find anything I will pass it on.

I have kind of retreated into a shell the past couple of years, with good reason on a couple of fronts, but am glad to see the truth is coming out.

It always does!

Take Care!

riese said...

jesus christ, what a lunatic

Paul Canning said...

I am a friend of Mel and some of the LGR stories came from my tips. I edit LGBT Asylum News.

Only two weeks ago I sent 'Paula' the story of an Iranian lesbian asylum seeker in Cypress (http://madikazemi.blogspot.com/2011/06/in-cyprus-iranian-lesbian-refugee.html if you want to pick it up!). 'She' said she worked in Cyprus through her Smithsonian work and would help as they had some influence in Cyprus.

Never heard any more.

Paul Canning said...

'Cypress'. Oh for doh!'s sake ,,,

Paula Brooks said...

Ms Gannon... Own these pictures... I can prove I own these pictures...

And you do not have permission to use them...

Please Remove them.

Sinnerviewer said...

Dear God, you've got a lot of nerve posting under "Paula Brooks" Mr. Graber. Actually, I would be willing to put money on the fact that Bill Graber isn't your real name, either.

Renee, make him hire a lawyer to force you to take it down. Then we can see who this asshole really is.

Paula Brooks said...

You would lose that bet... just like Ms Gannon is gong to lose my copyright infringement suit...

Ask Pam Spaulding who Steve Gibson is

Tina-cious.com said...

Damn, you made me come out of RETIREMENT to fucking comment on this stupid shit right here!

I haven't been reading blogs in quite some time... but the husband pointed me in this direction.

I can't believe this idiot still has the balls to even COMMENT!

Dude. And I do mean DUDE.

Is the fact that the WHOLE WORLD revolves around straight folks not enough for you?

You have to wedge your way into an online community that an already marginalized community created for itself?

Wow. There are no words for how disgusting you are creeping your nasty self into a community that would never let you in the front door if you were among us in real life.


I see no difference between what you did and a peeping Tom.

I agree with Sinnerviewer. Force him to take you to court to further shame himself and his family as he explains to a judge his impersonation. The press will love that.

I know I'll enjoy reading it.

Nasty. Just nasty.

Fiesty Charlie said...


Wife, who is an attorney, says, you can verify who owns the photos by calling the Washington Post. I think if they published them in the story, they retain the rights to them. All it says is he provided them. I did not see any disclaimer saying Mr. Graber retains copyrights to them.

Hell, print it out and take a photo of the freaking photo and then you will own the rights!

I am sure the Washington Post would be interested in seeing first hand the bullying attitude Mr. Graber still maintains and would gladly give you permission to use the photos.

On another note, I find it absolutely amazing and a clear sign of mental illness for him to have the nerve to even think for a minute he should post a comment of any kind to you demanding anything.

Girl, if he thinks he can win it, tell him to bring it! The "lesbian nation" he claims to have built will surely have your back and I for one will throw in at least $100 towards any legal fees you might have to take him on and I can imagine a lot of others will too!

I for one have your back! Take the asshole to task for what he has done, and let a little justice be served!

He has always wanted militant lesbians, standing for a single cause... I think he might finally get his wish, because there are A LOT of pissed off lesbians right now, who want him to slink away!

My personal note to Mr. Graber... go ahead, start in with me! You are nothing but a white male bully, and I have dealt with people like you my whole life! It is your method of operation and very predictable.

Seek out a mental health professional and get some help!

Paula Brooks said...

Good Idea... call the Wapo Please... they have called me when NPR and others asked to republish....

on all cases I have said no... in all cases those orgs did not want the copyright problems with me...

You probably should have check too

Fiesty Charlie said...

Renee- Perfect rendition of an asshole! The only thing I would have added as an artist is a speech bubble that said, "Hi, I am Bill Graber and I like to lie A LOT!!"

Mr. Graber- I am looking at every site that has posted your photo, through Google images and I can't find a single comment from you to ANY of them for using it and I stopped counting at 46!

You are a bully and you are pissed you finally got caught! But more pissed that Renee is legitimate and being sought out for comment.

If you care so deeply about the LGBTQ community why won't you be the man you are and walk away and leave the community you BETRAYED to heal from your lies and deception?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Graber, aren't you actually in foreclosure? You sure you can afford an attorney? And that any high profile lawyer would be willing to take your case, despite the negative publicity, to sue an effing blog (not much money to earn in this)? This sounds like an empty threat to me...

Anonymous said...

There is no way for you to win this and you just can't handle it. At this point it's like looking at a 3 year old stomping his feet and crying. White noise.

You couldn't fit in when you had the opportunity because you do not belong - that will never change for you. Accept it and try to do something good for a community in which you will be proud to show your real face. Oh and I've seen the real photo - it will not be an easy task (you look as creepy as you are; you are dripping with creepiness. It's amazing. The "artists rendition" has done you wonders).

Renee, we're all right here for you. That's what we do.

Sinnerviewer said...

"Creepy" and "pig" don't even begin to cover it! I think Mr. Graber is just starting to realize that if you're going to screw lesbians, you had better not have a dick!

Anonymous said...

Really. Really! This is disturbing, but it's obvious this person is very disturbed - and quite bored and desperate.

I like the article, and it's important. Don't get me wrong.

Readers, Make your comments in this forum. But, truly, DO NOT ENGAGE!! The best remedy to stop this behavior is to IGNORE. Turn on your IGNORE button and stop expending your energy on this person who DOES NOT GET IT - ya know? He feeds off this attention and drama - it makes him feel important, that he can rile others up. And, whatever you say will not change him - not even directing him to seek a mental health professional. He just is incapable of getting it.

IGNORE. What ever his name is (not important enough to find out or remember, eh?) ... he doesn't exist.

Back to your scheduled programming :-)

Becky C. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky C. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky C. said...

As the “friend” whom Mr. Grabber described (a description which did contain a very small peppercorn of truth, unlike the existence of “Paula Brooks”) in his introductory letter to Renee, I was not terribly surprised by any of this—as I am sure none of the people who used to frequent the now extinct “Yahoo 360” MySpace clone. Back in 2006 or 2007 it became apparent to the entire “ Yahoo 360 community” that this person was nothing but a liar about everything—which was the reason for the so-called “falling out” (which was really I quit communicating with the person).

After that the occasional attempts to “let bygones be bygones” were just ignored except one request that I submit an article to LGR that I had previously written about the “Suicide Girls”. The small communication surrounding that endeavor almost immediately confirmed that which I already knew. But I slipped momentarily because Mr. Grabber is an extraordinarily good conman.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, I wanted to contribute, but Paula said no, because it's a lesbian site. Who'd known that the owner was a guy?

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. From the beginning when this whole thing started playing out I was in your corner. And, of course, I stayed there. Something just wan't right about "Paula." She was so spiteful and aggressive. It just felt like something was amiss from the very beginning and it only got worse from there. It all makes sense now. What a scumbag. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I've actually encountered quite a few men claiming to be lesbians, in online games. Games where you can choose to play a female character, anyway. It's definitely a problem online. I wouldn't really trust anyone online now to even be female without either a phone call or a specific, requested picture.

Anonymous said...

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autism attorney said...

Now this is an interesting story! I was so bedazzled I had to read the article twice. While it is a funny story, he should seriously get checked by a medical specialist.

Anonymous said...

I have read countless articles about this... First off, Paula Brooks aka Bill Graber is a man that I thought that I knew very well. I'm his daughter. And as far as I'm aware... None of his kids have twins girls... Another lie... He has been married at least 3 times that I'm aware of... Once prior to my mother which he abandoned his wife and children. He was and still is married to my mother. They are going on 34 years of marriage. He abandoned us. Some where along the line... He married a woman named Stephanie... I thought that she was his girlfriend and all along he was married to her and my mom. How did he get away with this, you ask? Well, my mom and father were married in the 1970's, don't know if those records are available by computer...... Guessing that records don't cross state lines because when he married Stephanie in a different state, it was not caught that he was and still married.I'm guess that Steffi finally caught on and had the marriage annulled... As far as I know... Paula Brooks and Bill Graber are not married. Unless they got married in Ohio or some other state. This man is my father and I love him but I don't like him and will never trust him again. He has broken my heart for the last time.He creates families and then leaves them. Didn't pay child support for any of his kids freely. And he says that he was in the Air Force from 25 years... Total lie... He was in the US Army and was discharged after 2 years. I angers me that he has absolutely No time for his REAL living children but has made up a world from "she" is a doting mother. Blows my mind! You people feel like you've been fooled and hurt... Just imagine the pain that this man has caused his family! I have cried many a times about the absence of my father. He obviously have no conscience. The pain and hurt and scars that have been caused will never go away.

Sinnerviewer said...

When I read the post from Bill Graber's "daughter" to my wife, she said, "That's him. He just wants for people to keep talking about him."

If you really are his daughter, my condolences. Your dad is a sociopath. You have every right to feel hurt but don't let it ruin your life. Leave this man in the dust where he belongs and be happy.

Anonymous said...

First off... The post was meant for my father... I want him to know that I know about this.... I know that he thrives on the attention so eventually he see this... Second... I think that it's very interesting from all the posts and blogs that I read on the net... people have all these questions about him.... and I just laid it all out for everyone... And when someone finally puts the truth in details out there... They are not believed...I'm not posting my name because I have a family and kids... That don't need to be dragged into his drama bullshit... Totally not afraid to back up my words... I know who I am...