The LT Family: Meet Geraldine Joosten

My name is Geraldine Joosten. I am a lesbian, a writer, a comedian, a freelance journalist, a gay rights activist and drag king living in Holland. I am also Jewish.

That’s a lot, most people think. But I don’t stop there, I also sing, act and run a news site for British comedian David Walliams.At the moment my main focus is writing my new book, a sexy musical lesbian drama set in the 1920’s and my internet comedy show “The Mad Gerald Show”. A show about filthy rich dandy Lothario Doctor Gerald Damien M. Eshugener (played by moi ;-)) a debonair man about town. With his posh title and big bucks he managed to buy the title of Doctor, but it isn’t certain how much he really knows about psychiatry. He does know women though, and lots of them. Getting them on his couch to make them pour their gorgeous little hearts out seems to have a miraculous effect on his love life. What his wife Rachel thinks of all this is another question. Gerald is a snub, rude and thinks he knows everything. Does he really …? I write the scripts, act and edit the shows, so it’s a lot of work.

Still, I was desperate to write for Lesbiatopia. Why? Because I have a lot of opinions that I would love to share with you. A few years ago I wrote columns for Lavender News a new sort of Gay and Lesbian news site I had set up with like minded pals. We made quite a big splash at the start, but had to fold again less then a year after the launch due to lack of funding. This was really sad and knocked me for six for a while. Still the good thing is that I discovered that I loved writing columns and that I wanted to share my opinions with others. I hope to be able to do this here and am really looking forward to sharing with you all.



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