Jessie J: The Girl You Need to Know!!

Recently there has been a surge of faux bisexual girls. The sexy girls that claimed to be bi to promote their movies, albums, TV shows. But as of late there hasn’t been a true women loving bi chick out there in the in the music industry. (No, not Lady Gaga either. She only does it in her head, remember.)

Until now: step forward lovely Jessie J.
Open about her sexuality from the day she stated out, Jessie's girlfriend even starred in her first music video: “Do it like a Dude”. Jessie believes in total honesty and speaks her mind about everything.
She is a breath of fresh air in an industry filled with fake and secrets.
The British singer states: 'I’m not afraid to say I’m very comfortable with who I am and I love who I love.'

Here is some of her material and interviews:

“L.O.V.E” about falling in love with her first girlfriend.

Her honest and funny interview with Alan Carr

Jessie talking about her sexuality and singing L.O.V.E. onstage

Jessie telling it like it is.

Do it like a Dude HOT video

Do it like a Dude acoustic


westwood said...

And it's a decent album to "do it like a dude" to. Just sayin'.

alt com said...

Those are some amazing work from the artist.

Dani said...

She really make ppl love her for what she is!