Queers Land: New Queer WebSeries on YouTube

Queers Land is a new queer webseries to check out on YouTube - Click the link, show 'em some love.

About "Queers Land" The Series

Queers Land is a light hearted tongue in cheek mocumentary web Series starring The Fagtastic Rhys Emmett Rathbone & Dyknamic Leah Pellinkhof showing the hilarious side and the delicate hearts of the beautiful unique and diverse people that make up the colours of the rainbow pride flag

In this hellarious Series the Comic Duo play dual lead roles in six different story lines. Drag Queen & Choreographer, Hippy Lesbians, A country dyke and her homophobic brother, Ultra Attractive Queers, an actor in the closet and his Agent and Bisexual emo teens. Follow them as they pursue of their dreams, hopes and ambitions, Often funny, occasionally heart breaking and always Queer

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