Lesbian Book Review: "Being the Steel Drummer" By Liz Bradbury

"BEING THE STEEL DRUMMER" BY LIZ BRADBURY Private eye MAGGIE GALE is back! My favorite lesbo detective is back in politically correct action after about 4 years! Yes,Liz Bradbury, the one brought us the much acclaimed lesbian mystery novel "ANGEL FOOD AND DEVIL DOGS" returns to satisfy our hunger with more of the sleuthy dyke. I would also like to mention that Bradbury's first book was also my FIRST book review ever on LESBIATOPIA, back in 2008! (part of my review is on the back of her first book!) So, the story goes that not even after about a couple of months or so after the first adventure ended, is where this one begins. Poor Maggie can't get a break, however, you can tell she totally loves what she does, and she does it very well. For a quickie synopsis, to quote the back of the book: "A historic cemetary, a ghostly figure, secret passages,valuable treasure and a 140 year old romance.." And of course, what makes for a real juicy mystery: MURDER. The book is chock full of build-up that towards the end you are going nuts trying to figure out who-done-it? Honestly, I got so caught up in the plot, that by the time the sex scenes came around, or when Maggie, and the gang would talk antiques, they were mere distractions to me. I would get impatient, and think, "Okay, okay, but what's gonna happen NEXT?!" Don't get wrong. I'm all about the Lesbian lovin', but again as in the first novel, it's more sensual to me, than sexual. Very "clean", as in no dirty words involved in the ENTIRE book except for maybe "shit" and "ass". Maybe this was more noticeable to me because I had just read, and reviewed "50 Shades Of Grey" before this one, and I was used to seeing a lot of "fuck", and "cock". So, it's very Lesbian soft porn, but still hot, and very romantical, which is very refreshing. I also learned a lot about antiquing, which will come in handy when I actually have money to do so. When that time comes, at least I am in the right state, because I swear Pennsylvania has to be the capital of antique shops. As I would expect from Liz, the writing is very intelligent, witty, and politically correct. Also refreshing is an independent author who actually uses SPELL CHECK. Unfortunetly, that seems to be a rare thing when it comes to books given to me from independent writers. As in the last book, some of the phrases, and humor are a bit dated, that at times someone under thirty may not get it, but it still works. And of course, I would expect no less than a few lessons on GLBT rights, or lack of, specifically same-sex marriage. The unexpectedly quite ethnic Maggie Gale is a nice touch, (she holds her own with the Spanish language) which honestly I don't remember that from the first book, and her significant other Dr. Kathryn Anthony is a hot "Watson". Yes, since the last book they have done the Lesbian U-haul thing. A few last things to point out is the fact that the story somewhat revolves around an artist which I was very excited about, and the other is that the endnotes of the book were very educational as well as entertaining. Some of the characters were actual real people she used for the story. For example, I had fun reading afterwards on my own about Charlotte Cushman who I learned was a Shakespearan actor back in the day. I plan on doing more research about these women that apparently haven't gotten enough credit for what they did, as much as their male counterparts. The last thing is that I love how Liz uses local street names, and even local people I know, THEIR names in the book. I'm hoping someday there could be an "Officer Cindy Rodriguez" in one of the future books. Can't wait for the next book in the series: "C-NOTES AND SKI NOSE" See a pattern here? The first book started with an "A", the next one a "B", and the one coming up next with a "C". Clever, eh? Plus the first book's cover was red, this one was orange, the next one will be yellow. Can you see the rainbow forming on your book shelf? Cool, huh? Bottom line is, Bradbury delivers again. In classy, eloquent style that makes you want more Maggie Gale.
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