How to Spice Things Up in Your Bedroom

Keeping things interesting in the bedroom can be hard for any couple. After awhile things just become routine, stale and predictable. And unfortunately, since sex is such a powerful factor, when it starts to suffer, so can your relationship. So what do you do? How do you pull yourself out of your bedroom rut? Try some of these tips if you've been feeling the lull recently.

Take it outside.
After awhile the spontaneity dissipates. You no longer want to ravage your partner when you're at a party or when she's cooking dinner. Bring it back and sneak up on them when they're doing household chores, get handsy at the beach or sneak away to a bathroom while you're out. Leaving the bedroom is a great way to make things feel new and fresh again.

Read sexy novels to each other.
As women, we're much more mental, so get each other in the mood by reading sexy stories to each other. This is also a great way to break into dirty talk if you weren't already comfortable with doing so. Do it before you go to bed or randomly throughout the day to get each other going.

Act it out.
Role playing can be a lot of fun and help you cast aside any inhibitions you may have. Throw on a wig or an outfit and sink into character. Dressing like someone else can also make you feel like you're sleeping with someone new, which is a great way to recharge things without actually sleeping with someone else and losing the connection. Using the sexy novel tip can be a great way to get started with role playing ideas.

Try new things.
Literally, go out and do new things with each other, like canoeing, dance classes or even visit a brewery. Have you ever noticed that you have great sex whenever you go to a hotel or try something new together? It's because when you immediately create a bond and raise your serotonin levels when you try something new with someone. So don't just break out of your bedroom mold, break out of your life routine too and see how it effects your sex life.

Go shopping together.
But skip the mall. Head to a local or online novelty store, like Adam and Eve, and pick out new toys for each other. It's time to re-up if your toys are looking a little worn or your lingerie is at least a decade old. Doing it together can help the two of you open up about what you really want or like and what you want to try. Make a pact to reveal some of your deepest fantasies with each other and try at least one of them out.

Send something dirty.
Keep your partner thinking about you during the day by sending them dirty little texts or emails. It can be exciting for the both of you and make you super excited to see each other later.

At the end of the day, no matter what you choose to do, remember to be open with your partner. If you feel like things have slowed down and become a little ho hum, it's likely they think so, too. So start talking and see what happens. Sometimes words can be enough to get things going again.