Gay Marriage Legalization in Maine -- Inspiring Photo Essays/Video/Articles

HooplaHa.com, a site dedicated to spreading good news, reached out to Lesbiatopia to share some amazing photos and videos that they took when they traveled up to Maine last weekend for the legalization of gay marriage.  

One of the articles they posted was particularly adorable, which showcases Portland couples and how they describe their partners in one word. Here's a snapshot from the article:

photo credit:  Sam Ferrigno for HooplaHa.com

Additionally, you should check out their photo essay as they tagged along with the first gay couple married in Maine the other night or their inspiring video of the City Hall crowd singing "All You Need is Love." 

HooplaHa.com is dedicated to spreading smiles and positivity. The site is meant to inspire, inform, enlighten, engage and above all entertain.

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