Idol Shocks Viewers, Gina's Gone

Well, it's a sad day for Lesberada and I. One of our top picks for Idol has been voted off the island. Last night was not only shocking for us, but also for America. Gina Glocksen, who seemed to be doing quite well in Idol standings, was voted out of the competition. Sometimes I have to wonder if the whole voting thing isn't really rigged. I mean, vocally Gina was a lot more talented than some of the others (cough cough Sanjaya). I'm really gonna miss her cute little rocker outfits and the tiny glimpses of that tongue ring. Fox must have gotten wind that she was a lesbian, or atleast Bi, and felt they had to put a stop to her. Maybe the True Colors Tour will pick Gina up for a special performance. Am I being too presumptuous here? Probably, but no matter whether Gina is on American Idol or not, we'll always be big big fans!

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