The Movie to Look for in Theaters

I was watching The Illusionist last night (which was incredible and you should go out and rent/buy it right now) and one of the coming attractions was this new movie called Gray Matters which is "coming to Theaters in 2007". There was no release date yet, but as I watched the preview, I thought to myself "well this looks cute and funny" and then as the trailer progressed, it totally caught me off guard; this movie has a lesbian theme to it! It has a great cast (including Heather Graham as the lesbian in question) and also includes our favorite Rachel Shelley (Helena from the L Word) with a small (but certainly not unnoticeable) role. Overall, it looks like a funny, quirky, Must Love Dogs-type romantic comedy with the added bonus of a Lesbian twist, and I for one can't wait for it come out in theaters!! Besides, who doesn't want to stare at Heather Graham,Bridget Moynahan and Rachel Shelley
for 1.5+ hours??

Check out the Trailer!

And wave your hand if you're as excited as I am!!


het said...

well thats a double handed wave back at ya

Lesbiatopia said...

Now we're talking!!