Double the Talent, Double the Trouble

Twins. Who doesn't love 'em. I do! You do! What's better than twins? Lesbian twins! And what's better than lesbian twins? TALENTED lesbian twins!! Tegan and Sara have taken the indie music scene by storm with their two girls, two guitars singing duo. I have really gotten into their music lately and they have me hooked!

Their approach to music is painfully honest, undefinable, refreshing and unique. Every time I listen to their music I just want to get up and dance naked in my living room. Yeah, they're that good. Although they are identical twins, their personalities and style are quite different, and very complimentary. Tegan has dark hair and a pretty androgynous look; she is funny, outgoing and very uninhibited. On the other hand, Sara's hair is lighter, she's curvier and her personality is more introverted, serious and intense. Their commonality? Confidence, sense of humor and a crazy energy in their music.

Their newest album, So Jealous (2004), is revolutionary in its identity politics if not entirely authentic in its sound. It's a compilation of relationship memories good and bad, finger-lickin' rock with a pop-ishly good twist. Meow!

My absolutely favorite song at the moment is "Living Room" from their album If It Was You (2002). The music video is fantastic and the song is so catchy, even Grandma will be singing it out loud before long.

You can get all the latest Tegan and Sara info from their official website, including tour dates (they're touring this summer) and the release of their next album on July 24, 2007.

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Hahn at Home said...

I discovered them in a quest last summer to find something new and different from the 10 songs they play on commercial radio--have to agree, even to this old lady, they are dance in the living room naked worthy (it did, however scare the neighbors--I really must get better curtains)

Paula the Surf Mom said...

definably dance naked music..I love them!!!

On a personal note, I think one of your competitors over at afterellen is stealing article ideas from my blog and I need a stinging expose'done.

Mialicious said...

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Best regards /Mia, Denmark