My Idol Prediction

As sad as it it, American Idol is nearing the end of the Season. In the beginning, I sometimes feel as though it will never end, but alas! the final weeks are upon us (although we all know Fox will drag it out for another month, regardless). To set the record straight, Lesberada and I are staunch supporters of both Jordin Sparks

and Melinda Doolittle.

Both of these women are extremely talented vocally and are also both incredible performers. I predict the final two will be comprised of these two women.

Now, let's talk about Jordin Sparks. What a hot little ticket that one is. Lesberada and I admittedly find ourselves drooling over her, and thinking we about how want to get a taste of her spicy flava. Then the guilt sets in. Despite her hotness, gorgeous smile and obvious confidence, the sad reality is she is merely a child, only 17 years old and not a day older. When I picture her shakin' that hot booty in those sexy outfits, I feel pangs of dirtiness and guilt. I start to feel like an old man lusting after teenagers in high school. I long for the day Jordin Sparks turns 18, so I can at least feel justified when I say she's hot.


I do believe that Jordin has exactly what America and the pop industry is looking for: spunk, talent, uniqueness, beauty, personality and likability. Because of this, I predict that Jordin Sparks will, in fact, become this year's next American Idol.

Stay tuned for updates on the American Idol rise to the top!

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