Tegan & Sara

There's just not enough cute, lesbian twins out there is there? Let alone cute lesbian twins that write sublime music that makes your back tingle and your head shake, that would be too good to be true. Well this isn't a con, it's Tegan & Sara. Our lovely editor wrote wonderfully about them in a 'Double the Talent, Double the Trouble' and has asked me (repeatedly, cos I'm a lazy bugger...) to write more.

I am kinda new to Tegan & Sara. I could lie and say that I've been a fan for years but alas they only strummed into my itunes this summer, but better a late duo of girly music loveliness on a radar than never.

So I've been tingling and shaking my hair to the pair's new album 'The Con' for the last few months. It has everything I like in an album; unpredictable, layered melody and compelling lyrics, oh and guitars, never forget the guitars. The hooks on these songs, except maybe the radio-friendly 'Back in Your Head', take a few listens, but like all the best melodies they slowly creep into you and then hold you forever.

The lyrics are good too, which for me at least, guarantees a life-long love affair with a song. In Tegan & Sara's music the vocals are up in the mix enough to hear the words and the harmonies, as you'd hope from twin vocal cords, are dreamy. There are some great lines;

"I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray, when I get a little scared I run."

"Calm down, I'm calling you to say I'm capsized on the edge of safe."

The pictures they paint are intriguing, take track 'Like O, Like H'. I dunno what they're going on about but I can't help listening again and again to search for clues.

The album has a healthy amount of bittersweet, melancholy that I've always found comforting in songs. Did I mention I'm a Morrissey fan? But really who can resist a line like; "Dark you can't come soon enough for me. Saved from one more day of misery," listened to whilst wistfully gazing out to sea on a windy beach or you know, at a bumper on the 405, especially when the song builds and breaks like the best summer surf.

Tegan and Sara have spoken in interviews about how girlfriends say that going out with one of them is like going out with both. I can only imagine. Needless to say it's that unique dynamic and some gorgeous tunes that make 'The Con' an important addition to any record collection (yes I'm gonna call it that).

Download; 'The Con', 'Nineteen', 'Call it off'.

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Lesberita said...

I love this line from your blog:

"especially when the song builds and breaks like the best summer surf."

Such beautiful imagery there...I'm loving it!

dubbs said...

Am I like the only lesbian on Earth who think they sound like 10 year-olds singing LA LA LA LA in your head?

DWTV said...

I just love the thought of T&S bouncing around on my face....

Kaye said...

T&S are amazing! They're even more amazing live.

Anonymous said...

In "Like O, Like H" they're singing about how they used to do acid in their room, and their mother never noticed... XD

In an interview, they said that they were thinking about acid and thought about stomach acid and molecules and stuff - and something related to that is OH. *nods confusedly*

Anyway, I absolutely love their music - it makes me want to sing to it, and makes me feel like I actually can!