From the Straight Side...

Hey Ladies! This is my first official post as the token “Straight Girl” on Lesbiatopia and I’m looking forward to some feisty female fun!

Allow me to more formally introduce myself… (cue the Paul Oakenfold remix of “The Glamorous Life” now)

I am a wannabe writer-dancer-artist-photographer-FBI agent- rock star-event planner- DJ. In real life I do community outreach for my local rape crisis center, while pursing all of my lofty dreams in the “spare” (ha!) time I have/don’t have. I’m a hopeful romantic and love all things that sparkle and are pink. You can usually find me dancing- whether it be with tap shoes in my bathroom, in my cowgirl boots in the bulk section of the health food store, or on the main sidewalk in Portsmouth walking to and from my ballet class.

I wear mostly black, not because I’m trying to be chic, but because it’s easy. I also wear pearl earrings- ALL the time. Literally, they never come off. I just never got the “accessorizing” gene… I’d rather present as simple anyways, less room for fashion disaster.

Perhaps I dress simplistically because the rest of my life is undoubtedly overly accessorized, overly made-up, and overly dramatic. Yes, in reality I am covered in an over abundance of bangles, strands of necklaces, rings, broaches, belly chains, anklets and toe rings. It’s horrific really, and I’m trying to pear down and simplify, but it never seems to work out in the way I had planned.

This brings me to yet another piece of myself—the piece that is always planning and strategizing about ways to eat better, drop 25 pounds, be smarter, get active, train for endurance races or be more professional. (the list really goes on and on) I’m in love with the self-help aisle of Barnes and Noble… even though I never read the books; I love the titles and covers with fantastical promises.

Oh- and I’m a Gemini. That will help you put lots of things together when I try to state an opinion and then point out all of the positive assets of each other side of the story. It’s frustrating really… dueling personalities.

To conclude, I’m just another girl who wants to save the world. I look forward to being a part of this fantastic and rich community.

Live Love and Be Fabulous.

Miss AK

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thewishfulwriter said...

Ok...so we may not share the gay thing...but the self-help aisle at Barnes and Nobles makes us soul sisters.

i have a huge library of books I bought from them.

i'm sure reading them would help a lot.

until then, makes me look WAY introspective. and the books are colorful which helps with room ambiance...

Lesberita said...

Hooray for Miss AK!!!

dubbs said...

I <3 my token straight friends.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

well so your not gay...nobody's perfect, LOL

Welcome aboard.