The Written Cure

I was feeling a little poetic and a little political today, so here's a poem I wrote that I would like to share with you. Hope you enjoy it!

To write a great opening line might just be a crime but I find
That the rhyme of this prime time slime on the TV that I’m watching
And every mark that I’m notching is caught like a tree to an axe or an axe to a tree
But it don’t matter cuz to me it’s not free but to be like I see or you see
Well gee, that shit’s crazy.

So here goes it again, and this pen is just mightier but my eyes have been flightier
And I gotta relate to the pace of this fate of my life as it drives by me faster than
Nuclear missiles that are aimed at the White House and while marchers silently protest the whistles and alarms of the messed and arrest and the turmoil and terror, and yes that’s an –ism; when light hits a prism it creates the one fate of the light as its bending and pending to rainbows but it shows up on ceilings when in fact its on floors, and hey I just found out that we’re going to war.

So what do you say about that, about cats and mad hatters in hats, and I sound like the Suess is to doctor or teachers that proctor exams when we’re failing and can’t you see our arms are flailing for attention, but no, we just sit in detention, while Grandpa’s own pension just dwindled so that rich people’s taxes relax and sit back and drink beers in Bermuda while stocks are consumed and presumed to be neutered, and Walmarts are showing up all over the country, unfurled and ready to take over the world, like Al Queda, so I stayed up late to watch CNN, now I’ll pull an all-nighter and write with my pen, so to all of you sleepers, don’t dream about peepers and we’ll see in the morning, cuz red skies bring fair warning.

What more can I say, ‘nother dime, ‘nother day, but shouldn’t those poor little kids get to play with their peers without having the fear to steer clear of the anthrax that’s poured in a hole in their soil, not only to spoil their water but also cause sickness to mother and daughter and father and brother, who just left to go find a rescue or shelter, god it just seems like its all Helter Skelter. But enough of depressing material I want to think happy and clap because I have the hope and the faith in the things that I love with my heart and my soul and despite all the badness and sadness there’s gladness just hiding and waiting and anticipating, oh wait its right there, can’t you see him, he’s shrieking and leaping to scream “Carpe Diem!” If all else is failing and nobody’s caring at least there will always be elmo and big bird and cute little babies who are simple and pure, and for all the bad things in this world, that’s my cure.

- RG aka Lesberita

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Beebo Brinker said...

you should spit that out to some beats.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!