Are You Ready For a 'Work Out' Tonight?

Now, if you're thinking 'crap, does that mean I'm going to have to do exercise?' than you can relax because the only work out I'm referring to is the premier of Season 3 of Work Out, tonight (Tuesday, April 15) at 11 p.m. on Bravo. That's not to say you shouldn't get some exercise while you're at it, I personally recommend 'buns of steel'. Anyway, back to Jackie...
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Season 3 promises to be chock full of even more romantic escapades and enough gym drama to make you feel like you just got your ass handed to you by your own personal trainer. In fact, this season you'll find out why Jackie ditches her ex-lover and current trainer, Rebecca Cardon, and you get to meet Jackie's newest flavor of the week. The season opens with Warner cuddling in bed with her new live-in girlfriend, Brianna which only means loads of camera action focused on the new couple's emotional and relationship turmoil.

Jackie Warner is known for her tom-boyishly good look, killer abs, intense entrepreneurial skills and her confidence-bording-cocky type attitude. There's no question about it, she's certainly an interesting character to watch. Jackie isn't just a one-sided, charismatic charmer though, she does have a sensitivity about her that really shines through. You can see this in her attempts to find understanding and re-establish a connection with her mother by including her on the show.

Despite all her successes and the fame she's received, Jackie still faces the same challenges that so many other gay people face in their day-to-day lives: the arduous and often painful effort involved in reconciling with a family member who doesn't support their gay life and identity. Being on the show together kick-started a new phase in Jackie and her mother's relationship. I know I'll be rooting for Jackie and her Mom to resolve their differences and get back that mother-daughter bond they once knew so well and maybe seeing this will trigger other Moms with gay children to re-establish their relationships as well.

Another thing about Jackie Warner that is so interesting, and I'm sure we'll see even more of this in Season 3, is her allure from straight, married, housewives. Sure, Jackie's a big old lezzie and pretty much all the gay girls know that and think she's pretty cool, but Jackie doesn't define herself by her sexuality (not that any of us should) and although I know that us lesbians swoon over her butchy good looks and chiseled abs, it's those housewives that are really pine for Jackie.

A recent article by the New York Times, titled "For Housewives, She's The Hot Ticket", said:
Andy Cohen, senior vice president of programming and production for Bravo, said: “Straight women across the country are not only obsessed with the show, they are obsessed with Jackie.”


“I cannot tell you how many of the e-mails that we got from last year’s ‘Work Out’ reunion that were women saying, ‘I am married. I have never looked at another woman. I have a huge crush on Jackie,’ ” Mr. Cohen said.

Straight housewives. Really?? According to the article, Jackie's sex appeal, business savvy and knack for connecting with different kinds of people makes her so desirable. More importantly, perhaps, is the portrayal of Jackie's life — waking up with another women in her bed — which is done without judgment, in a matter-of-fact way.

Andy Cogen also says, “I think it's very safe for women across the United States to watch this in their living room...and think, ‘What if?’ or ‘Wow'".

Interestingly enough, the audience for “Work Out,” grew by 25 percent last season, according to Nielsen Media Research, to 659,000 viewers, the median age of which is about 36. That explains the thousands of emails and love-letters of straight, middle-aged woman confessing they'd "go gay" for Jackie. Talk about a lucky woman!

At the end of the day (or episode, if you will), the New York Times said it best:
In some ways, “Work Out” is a misnomer. Sure, Ms. Warner works with obese clients and whisks her trainers off on fitness retreats. But the show’s most compelling and entertaining moments tend to emerge from Ms. Warner’s struggles, triumphs and pleasures: her therapy sessions, in which she tries to understand why she is drawn to women who are not necessarily good for her (i.e. Mimi, the ex-girlfriend who tends to bite when she’s angry); her deliberations about whether to freeze her eggs because she has not yet found a life partner; her swift seduction of women, both gay and straight; her relentless efforts to expand her business (a protein shake and energy bars are forthcoming); the revelation of her father’s suicide; and her attempts to make her religious mother accept her sexual orientation.

It's that which makes both gay and straight woman able to relate with her so well; she has the same types of dreams, hopes, desires, struggles, successes and failures as the rest of us, and that is why we are such great fans of Work Out.

Tune in tonight to see what Season 3 will bring...


Anonymous said...

lolcats meets Jackie Warner: "4 housewivs, she's teh hawt tickit" here: http://lol-word.blogspot.com/

springlady477 said...

I have a love/hate for Jackie. I'm drawn to her but she's so arrogant but I think she's hot but I can't stand her! Ugh, what a rollercoaster. Anywho, the season opener was full of drama and I can't wait to see what happens with Jackie and her new girl. I don't think the new guy will last long. Here's to Tuesdays at 10pm!

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