Spend the night with Kathy Griffin

I knew that title would get all Kathy fans just a little titillated, if not downright moist in the panties. So Kathy fans, tonight's the night you've been waiting for. Go home, get into that overpriced Fredrick's of Hollywood negligee (and I mean you, boys) and turn your TV to BRAVO at promptly at 9pm (8pm CST) to watch Season 4 of "My Life On the D List".

According to BRAVO, Season 4 is jam-packed with Griffin performing stand-up at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C., opening the Oprah-inspired Kathy Griffin Leadership Academy in Mexico, hosting Air New Zealand's Pink Flight from San Francisco to Sydney, ministering a wedding in Queens, and frolicking with Britney Spears' boy toy Adnan Ghalib. And that's just the beginning of this season's fantastic D-list adventures.

Griffin is flanked by her "peeps," her curious family now officially referred to as Team Griffin. Returning this season is her trusty assistant, Jessica, and her assistant's assistant, Tiffany (who must sell more Griffin merchandise and are also busy with their own hometown press tours); her beloved mother, Maggie (she has recently stolen one of Griffin's best gays, and they are now hanging out at the gay Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in West Hollywood); and her tour manager Tom (still tagging along and taking good care of Griffin). D-list dogs Chance and Pom-Pom are also back and continue to dig up the yard and ignore Griffin when she calls.

And if one hour of Kathy is just not enough for all you die-hards, keep your channels locked on BRAVO because at 10pm, the 1st Annual A-List awards premier with our favorite red-headed diva as the host. I have a feeling this is one awards show that won't be a bunch of stuffy, old producers sitting around in their tuxedos, cuz we all know BRAVO knows how to rock the fun boat, especially when someone like Kathy Griffin has all hands on deck (no pun intended).

Hey Kathy, does the carpet match the shades? Just a question...

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Queers United said...

such a tease! i saw that in my google reader and got so excited