Breaking News! Big Gay Sketch Show Renewed for a 3rd Season

A source has just confirmed to Lesbiatopia that the Big Gay Sketch Show will be renewed for a third season!!

The Big Gay Sketch Show is an LGBT-themed sketch comedy program that first debuted on Logo on April 24, 2007.

The series is produced by Rosie O'Donnell and directed by Amanda Bearse. The program was originally titled "The Big Gay Show" but was renamed during production.

As the name indicates, the show features comedy sketches with gay themes or a gay twist. Sketch topics include parodies of old sitcoms like The Honeymooners and The Facts of Life under the Nick at Nite-parodying heading "Logo at Nite," a lesbian speed dating session and an extended send-up of Broadway legend Elaine Stritch working as a Wal-Mart greeter, among other decidedly un-glamorous jobs.

"The Big Gay Show" stars Dion Flynn, Stephen Guarino, Nicol Paone, Julie Goldman, Kate McKinnon, Erica Ash, Michael Serrato, and Jonny McGovern.

Details as to air dates are still up in the air but stay tuned, Lesbiatopia will fill you in all the details as soon as we know!


Sir Andrew said...

Hooray! I LOVE this show. The sketches nearly always stick their landings. And the cast is great.

Mnmboi said...

That show is definatly one of a kind. Weeeeeeeeee

no sir said...

easily the least funny thing on TV.

the sketches are consistently unfunny and they try so hard to make everything "gay" that it comes across as forced and insultingly mind numbing.

superZONic said...

1st season cast and writing = funny. A few skits are dare i say, classic.
2nd season: painfully weak-ass. The boy who wants a vagina character needs to be RETIRED. Sorry Kate, i love you but...
Pay the actors more so the big guy with the mimicry talent from S1 will come back. Chad MIchael and Michael Chad guys are ok and have potential.. replace the rest.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Oh come on....

I think the FitzWilliam bit is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while and did you catch the "Dynasty" skit? It was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

So excited! seriously. Everyone of the cast members is friggin hilarious.

just like any sketch comedy show they can't hit the mark all the time but i can say there are more funny sketches than not.
and i like the fact that i can relate to the humor and totally crack up rather then kinda laughing at the frat boy humor I usually get on SNL... ( mad TV rules though)

and not all the sketches are "gay". The sally feild sketch, the jenny craig sketch, Paula Dean, Rachel ray, Latonya, they weren't "gay" they are just funny...what else... i'm sure there are others...anyway, it has to be a little difficult for the writers to create sketches that fit the theme of a gay sketch show. So stop hatin'

Plus isn't it better to be included in the joke than be the joke...

I have to say that the sketch that makes me laugh the most is "Are you Smarter Than a Tranny Hooker" That was too funny.

Disgusted American said...

Loved the Counceling session skit with the characters who were all married to "OLDER" actors...and when they spoke about them - had to Vomit in thier Buckets! FUNNY!

Kelly (Goldstardyke) said...

I'm a big fan of this show and very happy to see it's coming back for a third season.

Funny is a personal taste, but I'm just happy to see a few queers having a good time on a minimal production budget.

Oh and Julie Goldman is the shit!

Occono said...

The Big Straight Sketch Show was much funnier than the show it was promoting.

Queers United said...

they are funny sometimes, i hope they come up with some new material

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