The Best Breast List: The Over 40 Collection

It's true, with age comes gravity, and with gravity comes the inevitable sag of your boobs. It's a sad reality that women must face, but there are ways you can keep 'em lookin' sweet and perky, even when you start to roll into your Grandma years.

I presume that most of you who read this blog are far from worrying about having saggy breasts, as I know my own 36 D's are still large and in charge. I stumbled across this photogallery on WowOWow.com.

Whether it’s the result of great genes or a great plastic surgeon, WowOWow.com thinks it’s worth celebrating the women who may be 40, 50, 60 or beyond, but keep heads turning with their still-shapely assets. From Demi Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer to Loni Anderson, here are 11 wonderful women with timeless tops.

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Tina-cious.com said...

I don't know if I wanna just sit here and stare at that animation for ANOTHER 20 minutes or if I want to slit my wrists because I'm 35 and I'm CLEARLY not one of those "far from worrying about having saggy breasts" crowd of which you speak.

By the way -- a good bra is essential. All of those women know it. Just tell them to take their clothes off -- then you'll see. LOL

Anonymous said...


Honey Swindle said...

That is in fact true about women. To prevent your breast to sag its either you have a breast augmentation or reduction.

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Klye said...

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