Fall Fashion: We Wear the Pants

Know what the latest in women's fashion is this fall? Yes, that's right. Menswear. Straight women have finally caught up to us lesbians. Well, kind of.

Ferre, Lim, and Wang Fall 2008 Collections from Style.com

Fall style guides are expounding on the virtues of adding a few choice items of menswear-inspired clothing to your wardrobe this season. Favorites include vests, slacks, boots, and military shirts and jackets. These are, of course, to be worn with other super-feminine clothing. After all, we don't want to look like men, do we?

Well, as a woman who has never liked dresses and would rather wear plaid than floral, I say eff 'em. Wear as much menswear as you want - or, you know, as little. After all, we lesbians have been wearing clothes designed for men for years and looking damn good in 'em.

Ok, so this isn't exactly a new trend, even in the straight world. It's been floating around for a few years, at least. Yes, I am excited about this trend because it means that I might be trendy for once with my butch self (yeah right), and it means that I will probably get to see more lovely ladies in button-downs and ties. But I'm also excited about this trend because gender boundaries in clothing are starting to blur. Women wearing ties and men wearing supertight jeans aren't exactly the norm - at least not in most circles - but they're certainly becoming more common by the week.

So what does this mean for you?

We ladies on the butch side of the spectrum are well prepared for this. Of course, as a women regularly wearing mens' clothing, you're probably not too concerned at what the wider women's fashion world thinks of what you're wearing. Just know that you are in fact trendy this season.

All you femmes out there who want to keep on the cutting edge of fashion, you may have an advantage over the straight women out there. Now, we're all aware of how nice it can be to date someone who wears the same sized clothing out there. If you're a woman with no mens' clothing in your own closet, but you happen to be dating (or friends with) a woman who does - butch or otherwise - you're in luck. You're in a perfect position to expand your wardrobe to match the season's trends without having to buy a thing. Just borrow some items from your best gal's closet!

And all of you whose style lies somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum - well, I would bet money that you're the ones who are influencing this trend. You've already got the wardrobe for this fall, and you know how to put it all together. Kudos to you.


Julie said...

Yey! ! ! Burn the dresses I say! I'll be the height of fashion this season!

Sei said...

I like my dresses and skirts. I am NOT going to give them up.