IDKEX diary: July 21 Syd Deucer, The Milltown Kings

As part of IDKE X, the International Drag King Community Extravaganza, pre-event festivities, many of the performers and drag troupes have agreed to share their thoughts and stories about the upcoming event. Our first journal entry comes from a drag troupe known as the Miltown Kings, who's Myspace tagline is "Gender Dysphoria at it's Hottest!"

The Miltown Kings are Milwaukee's premiere drag oriented theatre troupe. This gang of gender benders consists of kings, queenz, femmes and everything in between. A Miltown Kings show can be (and usually is) a million different things. It is a completely unique form of performance art. The Kings perform both individually as well as in group acts. The acts range from sexy to funny to thought provoking. Audience members are witness to political statements, gender fluidity and challenges to societal norms. Occasionally a fan will find a King on their lap (especially in "The Splash Zone"). When the Kings perform they give physical form to the music. Being on the stage allows the performers to explore any person they ever wanted to be. Each King has a distinct persona; theres the bad ass, the hopeless romantic, the goof ball, the dirty old man...the possibilities are endless. It's no wonder The Miltown Kings are the hidden jewel of the Midwest.

And now a message from the Miltown Kings...

The Miltown Kings are planning on attending IDKE X and we're patiently waiting for October this year. We know that IDKE brings out the most creative and innovative performances from troupes that hail from all over the world and we took our time coming up with the act and song that best suited us. Now that the song's been chosen, three-a-week practices and sharing all the responsibilities of planning this trip has given our group a real sense of accomplishment and has strengthened our bond as troup mates and friends.

Most of our members have been to IDKE before, however we have some performers who'll be going for the first time (including myself) and we couldn't be more excited. For us, IDKE is a reunion of our eclectic performing community and a tribute to how far our art form has come. We can hardly wait to see all of the troupes and the great performances that will keep us looking forward to IDKE XI! By October, The Miltown Kings will be Ohio bound and ready for the best weekend of Drag all year! Syd Deucer The Miltown Kingshttp://www.myspace.com/miltownkings
Stay tuned for the next IDKE X diary entry, coming soon...

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