My Crazy Ramblings - Peep Show

A poem of my crazy ramblings - a typical smorgousboard of thoughts in my head. Enjoy!

Peep Show

Alliteration – the formation of what you might call a nation of words that love rhyming and chiming to sound so akin that its like that big sin of a grin on the Cheshire cat as his body recedes and his smile just pleads to remain in your brain like the grain of a salt on your plate when you’ve eaten more than you ate on a date, wanna play?

I just can’t seem to muster the strength to discuss, err, converse about things of importance when clearly there’s mumbo and jumbo to fumble out of my pie hole its funny my head’s so lightheaded I’ve dreaded this feeling since the rain leaked the ceiling and I do recommend that you look away while I’m stealing from rich hens to feed to poor chickens since santa’s not going to knock down the door anymore, and I’d better get quicken before my money plot thickens.

When you’re calling my phone and your voice is so drone that you moan I must say that it does scare the children so please when you’re leaving a message its best to contest the mentality of reality in a way that seems pleasing and pleasant to people because everyone wants and desires a friendly relation which leaves them a silky sensation like that potion of lotion the witch doctor prescribed for your love aches and shakes and the breaks in your motion like sleeping which equates to the greatest gift to mankind, besides peeping.

- Renee Gannon

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