We'll Take What We Can Get

Straight women and gay men get to gaze longingly at Michael Phelps and other scantily clad swimmers during NBC's prime time Olympic coverage. But for lesbians, getting a glimpse of inspiring and drool-worthy female athletes can be difficult, especially when Women's Gymnastics takes up such a large segment of air time.

Which is not to say that gymnastics isn't beautiful to watch. It happens to be one of my favorite Olympic events. It just feels inappropriate to lust after athletes that look like they're fourteen (and if you believe some reports, certain athletes might be).

Still, we take any real or perceived lesbian action where we can get it... and this image of Romania's Sandra Izbasa celebrating her gold medal winning floor exercise with her coach is probably as close as we'll get. And Sandra is 18.


Renee "Lesberita" Gannon said...

Talk about about "coaching" in every sense of the word. At least her "student" is of legal age.

Annie said...

i think the chick in the pink back there is contemplating a 3 way....