Subscription Love & A Photo Meme

Dear Lesbiatopia fans and followers,

In a very unfortunate incident, Lesbiatopia sadly lost ALL of it's subscribers. There were over 400 of you who indulged yourself in the utopian paradise of all that is lesberiffic and I am sad to say that you may not be receiving those indulgences any longer. I would be extremely grateful if you would subscribe, or re-subscribe, to Lesbiatopia.com, and show all the lovely writers some love by supporting their hard work and their beautiful words. We appreciate you stopping by to read our thoughts and we hope that we can continue to please you (in more ways than one).

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Happy blogging!


And now, a photo meme. I got this photo meme idea from my good buddy and blogging friend, Jess I Am. I started this last night (took the picture right before bed), but just got around to finishing the article up now and thought I would share with you. This is what it's like when I have a bad hair day. I encourage you all to post your own "Photo Meme" on your blogs and comment back with a link so we can all enjoy. Afterall, a picture is worth a 1,000 words (this one might only be worth 10 or 20 words, like "eek" and "aah" and "somebody get this girl a comb").

The Rules:

* Take a picture of yourself right now
* Don’t fix your hair, don’t change your clothes, just take the picture
* Post that picture with no editing
* Post these instructions with the picture


Tina-cious.com said...

LOL nice 'do! :)

MLC said...

cute - mines up here...

Jess said...

awesome! thanks for posting this :)

Renee Gannon said...

no problemo, jess. it was such a cute idea!