If Fashion is Your Passion...

Hi, I'm Sylvia, I typically write about pop culture, politics, and recently, about my own long distance relationship for Lesbiatopia, but Renee has approached me about tackling fashion, and it seems like a perfect fit.

Friends tease me about not being able to walk in a room or pose for a picture without voguing, my room mates and I have designated our apartment hallway The Catwalk/Runway.

On top of that, I look to every day to dress to a theme. I get told often that my wardrobe is more costumes than clothing, but that' part of the fun. Dinner Party: Where's my 1950s style polka dot house dress? Dance Performance: You can bet I'll attend wearing footless tights and a flowing skirt. Book Signing: Playing my best sexy librarian.

Personally, I see too much sameness within the lesbian community when it comes to "fashion." Cargo shorts and a polo, or the ubiquous v-neck, vest and skinny jeans do not count as a look,
they don't speak to a personal style choice if it just makes you look like every other dyke at the club.

Butch, femme and anything in-between, I'm all about being comfortable and
dressing how * you * want, not how other people want you to, but don't fall into stereotypes just because you get overwhelmed when staring at your closet and know it'll make you easily identifiable as family. Show off a bit of your personality in your outfit choices, whether it be a signature color, an unusual hat, or vintage piece.

Next time: Re-Fashioning: Ties are not just for your neck, or for your Avril Lavigne Halloween Costume

In the meantime: http://themoment.blogs.nytimes.com/tag/model-morphosis/
Check out this photo series of the metamorphosis models go through during a
single runway show.

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Mr. Leigh said...

amen about the skinny boy jeans. I dont get it. I need some elbow room if you know what i mean....