Lesbian Book Review: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

~by Cynthia Rodriguez

With the Twilight movie coming out the end of next month, which is going to be enormous, I've been reading the series, and sharing my thoughts with my fellow Lesbiatopians. I just finished the 3rd book. One more to go, "Breaking Dawn" will complete my Twilight journey. For those of you that appreciate some good escapist reading about the world of vampires, among other mythological creatures, impossible romance, and star crossed lovers, this series is definitely for you...

by Stephenie Meyer

When it comes to monsters, Stephenie is bringing sexy back. Okay, I'll admit that opening was a little corny, but I had to give it a shot. The plot thickens as the story between Bella, the hapless heroine and Edward, the suave, handsome, forever-young Nosferatu get entangled into a love triangle between them and the also handsome, boyishly charming, rowdy, rough-around-the-edges Jacob, Bella's best friend. This monsterous romantic confusion couldn't have come at a worse time. Bella is graduating from High School and basically going through all the usual, every day teen angst while coping with blood thirsty fiends constantly threatening her existence. Within all this abnormal chaos is a refreshing glimpse into the history of both sides of Bella's courters and their families. As if being torn between a somewhat ordinary future (and I use that term loosely) with Jacob or neverending undead love with Edward wasn't enough to deal with, an unlikely and unusual alliance is formed between the two fierce and feuding families to protect the always center of attention, Bella. The tale reaches some nail biting as well as amusing peaks as the tension grows between the main characters and ultimately certain decisions are made that will change everything.

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